Please help! Issues with transferring blog to self-hosted account

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    This is my fourth question since the weekend without any replies. My blog has been down for several days, and I would greatly appreciate it if a staff member would answer my question. I have already paid for a theme and one years worth of hosting :(
    I want to move my blog to, but have two problems:

    – I cannot export more than 8mb from the blog. I have 150 posts, more than 1.3GB of pictures and over 3000 comments on my old blog and thought I would be able to export them here and import them again on the new blog. However, when I click import it creates a file of 8mb which includes the first couple of months of pictures, no posts or anything else. I read somewhere that large blogs have to be exported in parts, but I don’t know how to do that.

    – I pointed the name servers for my custom domain ( to blue host, and I thought it had changed over because I was able to create a new blog on with my domain (as opposed to a temporary on). However, 50% of the time when I click anywhere on my dashboard in it automatically changes to the one, and the same happens when I try to log in (the old and new blogs have the same login url, because they share a domain). Also, since the change I have gotten hardly any visitors on my old blog, but then again, the fact that I have gotten any at all shows that the domain is not completely transferred to the new blog. So basically, sometimes the domain points to my old blog and sometimes to the new one, even within the dashboard. Can a domain be half-transferred and will this change eventually? Or do can we somehow break the link between my normal into and domains, so they don’t redirect to each other?

    Please help, I am desperate!

    The blog I need help with is


    If you’re having those kinds of problems, you may need to end up paying someone to do the transfer for you.

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