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please help me

  1. there is no option tab and delete tab.
    where is it?

  2. For which exactly? Please elaborate...

  3. Oops sorry, I just spotted your tagging.

    You cannot delete your blog I'm afraid, abandon it and register a new one if you like, I think it's part of Automattic policies. Correct me if I'm wrong somebody.

  4. No, you can delete your blog, it's just not recommended; it's your account and username you can't delete. You can delete it by going to Dashboard > Options > Delete Blog.

    @ninochan07: If you can't see those tabs, it's likely a browser issue. Have you tried clearing your browser cache and cookies? If you log out of WP and do that then try again, it might help. Otherwise do you have another browser you could use entirely, something like Firefox if you're using IE or Safari?

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