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Please help me change the URL name (to leave out the 'dotcom'?

  1. I have been struggling for hours trying to fix my domain name: Now I cant even gain access to the blog from a google search!! I would like the url to read catholicchurchkommetjie then your ending can be added ( NOTHING ELSE. How do I make this simple change?
    Blog url:

  2. I wish to change the URL link for Kommetjie Catholic church. I would like it to be Catholic Church (simply that - nothing else)

    Best regards
    Bernadette Crewe-Brown

  3. Hello there,
    You can change the blog address ie. the URL by using these instructions, > changing a blog address >


    Was registered the same day as your current blog - is that your blog? If so just log in and go - set your current blog to private or put a single message "we have moved" on the site you now have

    Your current site only has a header image and a few other things - no real content at all

    Is available - just register it - you have no real content in the site you linked to above

    If you get a different URL - keep the old one to practice with (set to block search engines)

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