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Please Help Me Chnage The Font Size In Hemingway Excerpt

  1. This is sort of a confusing problem so I hope I can explain it properly...

    Assuming I can’t remove the “excerpts” from the Hemingway layout is there a way I can at least make the font size match the rest of my BLOG? I made the font size 2 on my BLOG but it still shows as 1 on the excerpt! I REALLY wish I could get rid of the excerpt all together but it seem from what I’ve read that I can’t.

  2. Do you have the CSS upgrade? Have you tried these suggestions:

  3. raincoaster: I do not have the CSS upgrade but I was able to change the font size easily with some basic html code. Like I said it worked but the code didn't change the font in the excerpt only in the main body of it that you get to after you click the very,very, tiny "read on." Do I need to get the CSS upgrade then? I don't even know what CSS is...unfortunately.

  4. If you don't know what CSS is, don't buy the upgrade. There's virtually no support for it. With CSS you can change the look of your blog generally including things like that (but not always; some things are hard-coded into themes) but you are totally on your own with it.

  5. I gave up since a guest poster sends me un-formatted posts in emails and editing in the wordpress editor is impossible (sometimes) without going html (I have no patience for program language when I'm trying to get a post out). So now, I open a word document, paste the guest post in there, edit for font and style and then paste back into the wordpress editor for final editing (links etc). It sounds goofy if you're comfortable with html, but for newbies and people who use microsoft word all the time, it's a comfort to be able to edit quickly.

  6. OH MY GOD

    Don't do that. I'm very, very serious. Word adds invisible code to your posts that will bork your blog beyond recognition sooner or later. I'm very, very serious.

    If you want to do formatting, use a proper offline blog editor like Blogdesk or Ecto or Windows Live Writer.

    Word is so well-known for causing horrible problems it has its own FAQ entry:

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