please help me figure out why you are blocking my use of my email address

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    I need help. I need help from wordpress not help from other users as this involves the backend and my registration. neither of which can be resolved by other users. so if anyone knows how to contact wordpress or if they even care please let me know. because currently they are holding two of my email addresses hostage SOMEWHERE and I cant use them in my wordpress login. I suspect they are locked into accounts I deleted long ago. I used to have several accounts because one was just me, and the others were related to my design career. problem is, my only remaining acct used a defunct email address and I had to create a new gmail email just to get rid of it because WP wouldnt accept either of the two email accts I currently use. so my guess is I need several accts rolled into one, or the ones I deleted, to release my email addresses. and guess what, the community cant help to do that!!!

    why are all these companies just like Microsoft used to be. UNACCESSABLE.

    The blog I need help with is



    I think I have discovered that my current email addresses are related to another account that I forgot I even had. so with that username in hand I tried to login but of course I do not recall the password. so I sent for password reset, clicked on the link that came in my email but that got me nowhere to change the password. so I tried it again and now Im blocked for 30 minutes because they say Ive tried to reset too many times. well yes, because when I click the link I dont get anything but a dead login window. so, me thinks I deleted the blog associated with that user name. so how so I reactivate? I cant seem to find a link for that because all Im getting is the password run around. help?


    Please know that creating duplicate threads is a risky business that can cause your issue to fall between the cracks. You have been answered here



    thanks but the two posts ARE two different issues.

    the other post is about deleted domains associated with my current acct, while this post is about being unable to use an email address that is associated with a different account and a different set of blogs. Both belonging to me.

    I find asking more than one question about unrelated items just mucks up the waters causing people to answer one, but not the other question.



    Not to worry as I already this thread thread for a Staff response.



    Closing this question because I think I may have resolved this to a second WP acct I used to have. Possible that is what is holding my email address hostage. Though it could be one of several — as I used to design, build and maintain sites for clients. Its only been 8 months since I left this all behind. Lord knows which one still has me listed.



    eek. just saw your note. I’m trying to resolve a login issue with the other acct. which, if I can do it, will, I hope solve the email hostage problem. I would post the other acct login but thats the thing I dont like about companies who rely on their customers to solve customer issues. Privacy.

    anyway, thanks for your time.




    problem SOLVED. problem was, second acct that I forgot I had. All fixed up nice and pretty. now I just have to figure out how to transfer one blog from acct one to acct two! whole other issue. Ill figure it out!



    @kbjork – I’m glad you were able to sort this out on your own!

    Let me know if I can help with anything else.

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