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  1. Okay, so I entered a contest this morning and am trying to get as much support as possible by people clicking once on the link on my blog (the entry at the top). What are other good ways to help raise my chances of gaining more people to help? Thank you!
    Also, is my background okay? XD

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't read your blog so it would be unethical for me to vote for it.

  3. Oh, it doesnt have anything to do with my blog itself ^^; its for visiting a music site through me so I can gain points for a contest (referring people to that site). sorry for the confusion~

  4. Um personal I think the background is a bit busy. You should put a link under the rate my blog thread and see what others might say. I'm not too big on clicking on a link and music blares at me so...

  5. @sarangannyeo
    If you would like to evaluate your blog this may help. >

  6. Contests that are popularity contests arent worth it. the company gains soo much publicity through it. you should win if your truly good but i'll check it out and vote

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone :] though it's not really about my blog. I'm just trying to promote through my blog ^^; And there's no voting involved...there's this site hosting a giveaway contest thing and I entered it...but have to get as many people as possible to just visit the site to gain points towards winning. >.< is this not the right place to post things like this? i can see how my post was misleading now T.T what I am wondering is other kinds of ways I can get the link out to people.

  8. The most effective way of promoting a blog within the community is to seek out other blogs and form blog centered relationships with bloggers who share the same blogging interests.

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    Social networking tremendously expands the audience you can connect with. Social networks are centered on member profiles and have communication tools including private messaging (email), instant messaging, chat, groups, forums, and video and photo sharing, etc. The tools are designed to facilitate ever growing webs of ” friend ” connections.

    At the end of the day, if you do not use social media and social networks to promote your blog posts and blog, then you will find building a growing readership is more difficult as the audience you reach will be limited.

    To review the steps you have taken when it comes to creating and promoting your your blog I’d like to draw your attention to > Creating a new blog. Scroll down to (8) and (9).

  9. We HAVE a self-promotion forum. Use it.

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