Please help me pick a theme.

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    I am struggling to find a theme that works for me. There are tons of options and I always end up getting the wrong one. I am open to premium themes. Here’s what I want.

    Purpose: Blog
    Style: Minimal
    Features I must have: An image at the top of the main/blog page (like twenty-ten), a blog page that only shows excerpts of the blog so you have to click to get to read the entire blog, a rating system.

    This sounds simple but I’m tired of getting it wrong. I’m not good enough at this yet. Thanks.



    Style: you can visit the theme showcase site and see demos of all the themes.

    In the same site you can click “Find a Theme”, click “Features” then click Custom Header to see which themes support a header image.

    Excerpts: some themes display post excerpts by default; in the rest you truncate the posts yourself, using the more tag.

    Ratings: you add them in Settings > Ratings, no matter what the theme.



    I find the showcase to be overwhelming, they all start to look the same after a while. I’m messing around with Aescetica right now.

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