PLEASE HELP ME! Something Weird is Happening!!!

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    I am having problems with my blog –

    I set up my blog using a one click set up with my web hosting company. Under my blog – it is saying that my username is ‘admin’ and that it can not be changed. I did not select this username.

    When I try to log into forums etc with that username and my password – I can not get in. I could not log into these support forums with the ‘admin’ username and password either. So I had to set up another username ‘memoriesbysharonmallin’ and use a generic password that wordpress gave me, just so I could come in here and try to get some help …. crazy!!!!

    I dont think I can change my username – so what do I do???? I really dont want to have to recreate the blog I have spent many hours setting up?

    Also – how do I log into my blog from a public/shared computer?

    Is there a general WordPress web address where I can enter my username and password and access my blog. At the moment, I can only access my blog thoug the wp-admin/index.php address. Which is going to be of no use if I need to access my blog from another location and do not know the address.

    Ideally, I would like to put a link or something on my blog where I can click to log into WordPress and edit my blog (from any location)

    Looking forward to your response.





    Sorry, since you’re self hosted, you’ll need to address your questions to the folks at



    > I did not select this username

    Why not? It is an option in fantastico to choose the admin username:

    > it can not be changed

    true but you could change the nickname and displayed name.

    click users tab (top right)
    click administrators
    click admin

    > I had to set up another username

    there you go.

    > I can not get these support forums with the ‘admin’ username

    here? no. that would be for your installation.

    > how do I log into my blog from a public/shared computer

    For a bit of circuity which might be less insecure depending on the environment access that URL from within

    Spend some time here:

    Why did you choose hostigation? Surely it was not for their ‘extensive’ KB



    I cant as I cant log in to get to the support forums.

    I am almost in tears – this is driving me crazy :((((



    > I cant log in

    How shallow is your gene pool?

    try this subtle hint:


    Why gee … thanks! Please dont bother responding to my problems any further if your going to come out with crap like that!!!

    My issue is that I do not want to go creating 1000 different log ons with and



    The effort from generating one thousand might cause some evaporation. You ought avoid that.

    If your memory is as weak as your resolve consider KeePass or something else maccy. KeePass pro supports OSX.

    If generating strong passwords stymies you

    Expend a modicum of effort and click the codex link in my first reply.



    Sorry, since you’re self hosted, you’ll need to address your questions to the folks at

    It’s very likely you cannot log in to other blogs and forums because the username and password you’ve set up only apply to that blog. You’ll need a different one for other sites, including Just sign up.


    Raincoaster & katm – thanks for that :)

    To the other “endearing” person that decided to insult my gene pool, memory, resolve, effort – did I miss anything?? …..

    Within 5 to 10 minutes of posting in … I had my username changed and most of my problem sorted!


    @memoriesbysharonmallin: The other person only showed up today, and is not at all representative of our forum (as you can easily see by browsing through some threads).

    I think you’ll find his previous appearance here rather amusing:


    @memoriesbysharonmallin, some people were born a**holes. I think we have met one.

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