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please help me upgrade

  1. I keep trying to upgrade but when I click on upgrade nothing happens. I tried clearing all cookies but I still can't upgrade. Please help.

  2. Can you try again? There were some site issues earlier where some pages wouldn't load, it's possible that your issue was related.

  3. Thank you, gureggu. I tried again at this page:

    I click on 'Upgrade Now' and nothing happens.

    I've also tried at:

    Clicking on 'Get the Bundle' does nothing also.

    Can you think of something else I can try?

    Thank you.

  4. When you hover over the 'Get the Bundle' button, does it display any blog site beneath it?

    If it doesn't, then you might not have a blog site associated with your account. You can create one here if you haven't yet:

  5. Thank you, gureggu! Thought I had one but apparently not? Anyhow now I definitely do and I just upgraded. Thank you so much for helping me break through. I've been trying to do this off and on for a couple weeks. Much appreciation!

  6. Glad you got it worked out, Happy to help! :)

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