please help me upgrade

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    I keep trying to upgrade but when I click on upgrade nothing happens. I tried clearing all cookies but I still can’t upgrade. Please help.



    Can you try again? There were some site issues earlier where some pages wouldn’t load, it’s possible that your issue was related.


    Thank you, gureggu. I tried again at this page:

    I click on ‘Upgrade Now’ and nothing happens.

    I’ve also tried at:

    Clicking on ‘Get the Bundle’ does nothing also.

    Can you think of something else I can try?

    Thank you.



    When you hover over the ‘Get the Bundle’ button, does it display any blog site beneath it?

    If it doesn’t, then you might not have a blog site associated with your account. You can create one here if you haven’t yet:


    Thank you, gureggu! Thought I had one but apparently not? Anyhow now I definitely do and I just upgraded. Thank you so much for helping me break through. I’ve been trying to do this off and on for a couple weeks. Much appreciation!



    Glad you got it worked out, Happy to help! :)

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