Please help – my blogs say "no longer available"

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    I have been working on 2 blogs that are marked “private”: and

    One I use to put my thoughts together and the other one had a beautiful post that I worked on for days about how to save wild tadpoles over the winter. I can’t tell you how sad I am to lose that.

    Apparently I have accidentally violated WordPress’ terms of service – but I can’t imagine how. Like, how can I be doing a get rich quick scam on a private blog? Am I making too many blogs?

    My husband doesn’t understand why I’m crying.
    It’s mostly because I am afraid that there is at least one other blog that I started and worked on but forgot the name of…. and I’ll never be able to get my writing back because it’s been deleted… Is there any way I can convince wordpress that I am not a spammer and should be given all of my blogs back?

    I’ve always wanted to have “paid” wordpress blogs (thinking that I would be able to back them up if I paid) but could never figure out how to get one (so now I stupidly have lost everything because it isn’t backed up). Does paying for blogs keep them from being deleted?

    I’ll do anything – please, please help :,(



    The suspension notice / Banner has a “click here to contact us” you need to contact the Terms of Service people with that link to ask them – that link should always work.

    You can also contact the staff here: if the above link is not available.

    WordPress.COM policy is not to discuss TOS violations in the Forum and us unpaid volunteer helpers can’t return your site anyway. You might also review the following links for more information on what might have happened. Mistakes are sometimes made but you need to talk with the TOS people.

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