Please help! New blog post I didn't post.

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    After loading my blog this morning, I have found a new post that appears to be a duplicate of my previous post, with the title: “New Blog Post Man, Rain, Everything – Fo”

    I did not validate this, and I have no idea what it means.

    Please help me.
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you by any chance enabled Post by Email? It could be a case of pocket dialing or some similar occurrence, that’s all I can think of.



    Hi raincoaster,

    Just double checked, no I haven’t…

    Thank you though.


    Are there any other people on your blog (admin/editor/authors) other than you? Go to users > all users and take a look.

    If not, then change your login password and also change the password for your email address associated with your blog here just to be on the safe side, and make them strong passwords. If you can remember it, it isn’t safe enough.

    Also, are there any times during the day when your computer was left logged in but you were not at it?



    Just me as Admin.

    I’ve already changed all my passwords just in case, they’re all strong.
    I usually log out at night, too, as I was last night.

    Thank you for helping!



    Could it possibly have been an accidental reblog as well? Did a pingback show up on the previous post before you deleted the new one?



    There was a link yes, to the original post.

    At first I thought it was a reblog, but the title is unlike any reblog I’ve seen. Specifically the “New post” and “-Fo”.

    I left it for as long as I could, but my followers were starting to “like” it, etc., couldn’t stand leaving that phantom post there any longer…


    This is weird, I have five post on my blog that were posted yesterday at 10:00pm. I didn’t make the post and no one else is allowed to do so. I don’t have post by email and or any other way to post other than directly from Press This or Dashboard. I believe hacking is going here -but- My password is very, very strong -128 bits-. And how come doesn’t have a place to report issues like this? I didn’t want to report this problem on a forum topic. needs a contact us by email.



    I doubt it’s hacking. Looks like some automated bug. I’ll flag this thread for staff attention.



    Um, by the way amerisphere, you’re going to have to remove the articles you’ve posted which you haven’t written. Those are copyrighted by the original writers and publishers. I’m talking about posts like


    OK, thanks for the reply.

    About the post you say is copyrighted, I realize it is from another source -in which- I have still given credit to the original source, how is this violating any copyright infringement law?



    Because it’s illegal to steal an entire post, regardless of whether or not you link to it. You are allowed to excerpt posts, or summarize them, but you are not allowed to post the entire thing unless you have permission of the copyright holder. Current “fair use” guidelines limit such excerpts to somewhere under about 100 words.

    When people do this to me, I routinely have their ENTIRE sites taken offline until they comply with the law.


    Ok, I respect your knowledge about this, however I am now reading -again- WordPress TOS and haven’t found anywhere within it what you are saying, -I removed- the post you mentioned. I also contacted Automattic about my 5 post violation.

    Inquiry: I see you are a member as I. Are you more than a member and if so why doesn’t it say so. Don’t get me wrong, I intend to comply and or fix anything on my site that doesn’t comply with WordPress TOS.

    Thank you.



    Raincoaster is one of the most experienced members, and she teaches blogging. Notice that she wrote “illegal” and “comply with the law“: it’s the copyright law you should be reading,* not the WP TOS. Re-publishing a complete article written by someone else is content theft (except if you have their express written permission). And mentioning where you stole the content from doesn’t make it less of a theft.

    *You could start with these:

    As a general matter, copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner.

    ( )

    Under the fair use doctrine of the U.S. copyright statute, it is permissible to use limited portions of a work including quotes, for purposes such as commentary, criticism, news reporting, and scholarly reports.

    ( )



    The ToS also state that all blog posts must comply with US law. They mean it. I routinely take down entire websites.


    “WOW”, thank you for that information. I will take the necessary steps to prevent any further copyright infringements.

    Now, back to this forums original topic. Why was 5 posts, posted to my site, if it was automation, how and why was it allowed on my site. Did WordPress allow them?

    The first of the five was a link to C|Net (SpotMSN – Version: 2.2.4Platform: Window) The link did go to a download.
    (Must have been a bogus web site, cause now Google doesn’t have it and C|Net doesn’t either)
    Earlier this morning I went to the link and seen it was on C|Net. SpotMSN read it was a Windows Messenger password cracker.

    I wouldn’t post or approve any links of this type and have no plans to post any like it.
    It is and always has been my intentions to run a reputable web site (Blog).
    Is WordPress fixing this problem?

    Thank you.



    everedwater, I can’t any reason for such a post, and I don’t see it on your blog. Did you delete it?

    amerispheresoftware, are the posts still on your blog? If so, what are the titles?



    Hi Macmanx, yes I did delete it. My followers were starting to like the post, and I really didn’t want it lying around on my blog.

    As I’ve mentioned, it acted a little like a reblog post, however the title was specifically: “New Blog Post Man, Rain, Everything – Fo”. It was posted at around 2am GMT.

    It featured a couple of lines from my original post “Man, Rain, Everything”, and a link to that post as well. There were also no tags.


    I took them off, @happiness Engineer. They are still in my trash though.
    And I still have the email notifications. After my last post I opened them in my email and clicked on the links, which went to C|Net downloads.

    And on top of all of that I’m revamping my site (blog).

    Thank you.

    Post list you ask for:

    SpotMSN – Version: 2.2.4Platform: Window
    VisionLab for VCL and FireMonkey – Versi
    PlotLab for VCL and FireMonkey – Version
    AudioLab for VCL and FireMonkey – Versio
    SignalLab for VCL and FireMonkey – Versi



    everedwater, that is very odd. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally hit the Reblog button in your admin bar? It is rather close to the stats chart.

    amerispheresoftware, also strange. These were legitimate posts created under your account. I recommend changing your password just in case.

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