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Please Help Remove Account Block

  1. Hello,
    Can someone help my freind. They are new to the internet and blogging. Their account has been blocked. They do not understand why they were blocked. My friend says that they were trying to report a site they thought was in violation of's terms and services. They were blocked and labled a spammer. They do not what they may have done wrong. Please help me to get my friend back to bloging.

  2. I would suggest getting the users of the blocked account to read the Terms of Service carefully. If they don't think they violated anything mentioned in the Terms of Service, get them to contact support.

  3. Why does your friend even want to use a site where they are clearly not welcome? They should cut their losses and move on. Try Blogger.

  4. And there's nothing we can do on the forums about this. You'll need to contact staff and ask them to explain what the problem was.

  5. Thanks to everyone for your advice. We have wrote a letter to support and have reread the terms and services. My friend hated to move her account because she has been blogging here for about six months. Blogging is like a therpy for her. She does not know how long it will take for support to get back to her so upon the advice of others here she will be moving to Blogger. Again thanks to all for the help.

  6. I will answer as soon as I see the email.
    As you give no clues I have to go through everything first.

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