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    I have a recipe page on my blog. I have seen on other blogs that when you click on the page you can then have numerous links which for example

    Green juice

    When you click on green juice it will go to the recipe (the recipe is just something I have typed up on the note section on my iPad)

    Please help, I’d be forever grateful :-)

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s just a list of Related Posts. You can enable Zemanta on your blog, which will suggest related links for you to include on your blog. It should be under Settings->Writing on your dashboard.


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    Your site has no posts. You have pages:

    About Me

    and the only page with any content is “recipes” which has a link for “green juice” which only links to the “recipes” page.

    You are a very new blogger and the best advice for you would be to work through this very useful tutorial so you can become familiar with the blogging platform:



    And, at the end of that, make Posts, not Pages, and add the proper category to each post you make: recipe, picture, grapefruit, whatever. Then you can just click on the category to get all those kinds of posts.



    Hi all,

    Actually what I am trying to do is a put a series of recipes under my page for example

    Green Juice

    Etc. I have seen from others blogs that when you click on the words green juice or porridge etc it will go to the recipe (which is just something I type up)
    Can you tell me how to do this, I have spent hours watching tutorials and reading guides and am very frustrated :-(


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    Yes, but you cannot post to a page.
    As I said, work through that tutorial.
    Here is an article about why you cannot post to a page:

    Posts and pages are very very different. It is important to understand that difference.
    You have only one dynamically changing page per blog: one page which adds posts to your blog, one page which changes everytime you publish a post.
    The big idea with posts is you can assign categories to them. You cannot do that with pages:

    Essentially, what you must do is make posts and assign them to categories. Then make a custom menu with links to the category pages.


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    Hi 1tess,

    I understand what you are saying. I have posted about My Green Juice. Now how do I get My Green Juice to come under my Recipes Page?
    I am finding this very difficult :-(


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    Yes, ok. You have categorized your green juice post as (among other categories and tags) “recipes.”

    Now make a custom menu which will link to the category “recipes” as I described in the links above.

    Don’t worry, it is a bit daunting to set up but once you get the structure of your site it will be easy to use.

    Once you have “recipes” as a navigation tab in your custom menu, it will be a simple matter of adding the category “recipes” to any other post you make about recipes.

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