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Please help to restore my missing deleted blog name!

  1. Dear supports:
    While I'm trying my dashboard, I missing delted my blog name.
    I didn't want to delete it, I just want to have a test and know how it works.
    However, it was delted and CANNOT be callback!

    I read the FAQ for help and there said it was impossible to callback:(

    I didn't intend to unuse it, and I really wnat it back.
    Please help!

    My blog name is 'MichaelWang'

    Thank you very much!

  2. Write support immediately and ask for help and quickly check Google's cached and copy as many posts as you can.

  3. Try not to test features called "Delete."

    Contact staff.

  4. You get an E-mail comfirming if you really want to delete your blog.

  5. LOL - sorry, this did make me giggle.

    Why would anyone want to test if "delete" worked?

  6. When a blog really has been deleted by the author the site usually says so. That is not the case here. We get another message:

    This blog has been archived or suspended.
    You can create your own free blog on

    I believe that the blog can be restored if the ToS was observed.

  7. michaellibrary

    My blog will never be return back :(
    I'll create a new one and never try the button like 'delete'.

    Thanks everybody here:)

  8. HELP! I think someone deleted my blog! Is it possible to trace where the delete request came from?

  9. Yes, but we need the full blog address.

  10. chewypupforever

    LOL the word "DELETED" is ovious that it will delete your blog. *LOL*

  11. I set up a blog and last checked it February 26th. Had a great theme set up using CSS...but not I check back on it and it is gone. No "confirm detelion" email, no nothing. All I have is a string of emails pointing to comment moderation and then they suddenly drop off Feb. 26. Now I click on where my blog was and nothing.

    Can anyone help?

  12. pornstarbabylon

    markgonzales, what's your blog url?


    on my email, i have numerous emails asking me to moderate comments on that particular blog, but the emails stop in the begining of March. When I go back to click on the link to moderate comments it takes me to an error page.
    On the back end of my blog dashboard, that blog is now gone. I had it personalized with CSS, had several blog posts and everything but for some reason now that's all gone.

  14. markgonzales - was it a blog? Or was it hosted somewhere else?

  15. it's a wordpress blog, but I purchased a URL through godaddy and set it up so that the blog pointed to

  16. No, Vivian means is it hosted here or elsewhere? There are two types of WordPress blogs:

  17. yes, it is a blog, hosted here

  18. Then you will need to purchase the domain upgrade before you can map that domain to a blog. Have you done so?

  19. @mark

    What is the URL of the blog? This blog, , isn't active and only has the "hello world" post.

  20. hello and thanks for your help. I did purchase a domain upgrade for marksellsla and mapped it. The problem was that after I had done that and personalized the blog (skinned it, blogged several posts and started getting comments) i left it alone for a few months and now it's gone. all the work I did.

  21. jadedfadedwrite


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