Please Help – Transfering Domain from Blogger to WordPress

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    I have tried googling this for a bout an hour but have failed..

    I’ve transfered everything besides my Custom Domain from my Blogger blog to WordPress blog

    I simply am asking how to use my Custom Domain from to my wordpress blog..

    I purchased the domain through google “Enom”, how can i use that same domain foy my wordpress blog??

    AND BTW how do i know what version of wordpress im using????

    The blog I need help with is


    You will have to buy the domain mapping upgrade here and then make changes to your domain settings over at google/blogger/enom and point the domain toward wordpress.COM’s servers.

    We don’t really have a “version” here since wordpress.COM is constantly making changes and adding new features here. Whatever the official wordpress version is, we are ahead of that – sometimes considerably.

    Since you are new here, I would suggest reading this support document that explains the differences between wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG: .



    thanks you helped alot!

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