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Please Help With Changing Domain Name! :)

  1. limebirdcommunity

    Hello all,

    I own a domain - and would like to have this instead of

    Am I right in thinking I just need to change the name servers where I bought the domain (123.reg) and then add the domain to my blog? Will this change affect any current stats/notifications, or will everything be redirected? Thank you for your help in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello All,

    I am new to wordpress. Now I have registered with where basically everything is free. my problem is that the current url that I have is, what i would like to do is just change the name from enterpriseed to feescotland. I do not want to pay for anything in particular but i would like to know the specific details that if i would want to change it whether or not i would have to pay for it and also whether i can do it or not. Please do not direct me to any wordpress help page i have read most of it i just want a quick answer.

  3. limebirdcommunity

    Hi Antheamendes,

    You have posted your topic inside another topic, not started a new one.

    However, I might be able to answer your question. Unfortunately I don't think that you can change your domain once you have made it. If you haven't done anything to the site, your best bet is probably just to set up another one with the name you would like.

    If you've already got your site up and running, you still have to make another blog, but you can transfer it over. I don't know the full details on how to do this, but type "export" into the support page search box for more information on moving your stuff over to the new blog.

    Hope this helps.

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