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Please help with Nav Bar

  1. I want to make my nav bar look like this one but i can' make the css code work. I'm using the sandbox and i want to use this a my header img NO LUCK HELP!

  2. Please give the URL of your blog when you ask a question here (or link your nickname to your blog as explained in the Sticky "8 Things to Know").

    I want to make my nav bar,header,and side bar to look like this page. but i can't make the css code work. I'm using the sandbox and i want to use this a my header img NO LUCK HELP!

  4. the current theme you are using is not sandbox, but heres the header for your current theme for the blog you provided, you'll have to excuse my slowness I'm on a Netbook and everything is small especially when trying to do CSS. Another question is did you buy the CSS upgrade for your blog, cause it looks like you didn't yet, or are you designing the blog before you buy the upgrade, just curious.

    	padding:3em 1em; background: red url('') no-repeat;
    height: 235px; width: 780px;
  5. From my understand, you can't do a navigation bar with the theme your currently using so switch back to sandbox theme. Unfortunately, I have to wake up early in the morning to go buy books for next semester, so for my help you will have to wait til tomorrow afternoon, but theres a whole bunch of other people who could help you with this, especially devblog...hes really good.

  6. Well yes i did buy the CSS upgrade. Thanks for the header help. I'm really in a big time bind right now. But if you have the time could you help me with the rest of my blog. This CSS really been kicking my butt. I will pay you if you can take the time to finish the blog for me, I use PayPal. I'm going for this look. . With the nav bar and side bars. I also changed back to the sandbox theme. If you are will please email at info at truthnlogic dot com [email fixed - Mark]

  7. reason79
    Unless you love spam, it's not a good idea to post your e-mail addy in a public forum.

  8. ya I guess that wasn't cool thanks for the heads up.

  9. You need to set the background colour somewhere on that blog. It may look white on your computer but on mine it's showing my default background which looks very weird on your blog.

  10. I think that your page looks pretty cool, it has some of the same looks that i'm looking for. But your nav bar does not go all the way across like I would like it to.

  11. reason79,

    So you want your blog look just like the one you posted above? If so, and if no one else has contacted you, I think I can help you.

    Also, you don't have to pay me. Just know that I'll work on it whenever I can, which can take me a few days, and as soon as I have something, I'll let you know.

    Let me know if you're interested.

  12. BTW, I recommend you to change your theme to Sandbox-10.

  13. masterclasslady

    Devblog - what a generous person. And so knowledgeable. I may just come knocking someday. :)

  14. Thank you, Masterclasslady. Whenever I can be of assistance, don't hesitate to contact me.

  15. masterclasslady

    You are most welcome. I won't bother you until I have reached the "hair pulling" segment of my work with my sites. Promise

  16. DEVBLOG thanks a lot I'll be looking for you help.

  17. no problem. Do me a favor, get rid of the "Other Links" image on your sidebar.

  18. ok. will do

  19. Okay, reason79, here is the CSS for your blog. I made it as close to the sample as possible.

    Please let me know once you've downloaded the text file so that I can remove it from the server.


  20. Thanks "devblog" you are a blessing to me. Thanks a lot if there is something I can help out with please let me know. One last "?" how do i rearange my nav bar to have home as the first link.

  21. No problem, reason79.

    Now, to make Home the first tab, in your Dashboard, go to Pages -> Edit; on the right sidebar, at the bottom there's a section that reads "Order", I think by default is set to 0 (zero). If it is indeed set to zero, then just leave it like that; go to your other pages and enter "1", "2", etc... just in the order you want them to appear.

    Also, you may want to consider making the HOME tab linkable to your blog's homepage ( I think it is done by entering this code in the Title of the page:

    <a href="">Home</a>

    However, that doesn't work for me... I sure am doing something wrong... I tried finding the thread where they explain how to do it but couldn't find it.

  22. devblog - what you are doing wrong is not putting a space behind the word home. For whatever reason, it has to have a space or two words in order to work.

  23. Thank you, Vivian. Much appreciated.

  24. I've tried the add that home button with the space and still not working.

  25. are you doing it like this?

    <a href="">Home </a>

    It worked for me.

  26. Take a look at my blog what to i do about that empty space to the right at takes me to

  27. to the right of where? the word home? there should be an empty space between the word "Home" and ""

    check my blog:

  28. Also, I just saw your CSS and you added the word Home to it... I see this:

    Home body {
    font:normal 1em Tahoma,sans-serif;

    Remove "Home" from there.

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