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please help,google stopped crawling my site 12 days ago

  1. My site has been up and running for over a year, I am registered with Google webmaster. 2 weeks ago my site stopped getting crawled, indexed and cached. If you do the it goes right to the last post when it was indexed 12 days ago. Never had a problem / tearing my hair out here,,,,,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. your site is not resolving for me. Is it actually hosted at

  3. Not resolving? Yes it is on

  4. What is the underlying URL?

  5. That doesn't seem to open either. Can YOU see the blog?

  6. Yes its up and running fine, just hasn't been crawled, cached, or indexed since Oct 12>

  7. Well, since I can't see the blog, I can't help resolve this, so I'm flagging this for staff attention.

  8. Thank You - had over a hundred hits today & confirmed with several people across globe & they can access it also

  9. If you just Google ' solobagging ' it will come up in Google and you can see right in the line that its not crawled since the 12th

  10. Can't even manually submit URL either

  11. Again, I cannot open the blog. And I'm in Canada, I doubt that my ISP is blocking you. But do you hotlink images? it's possible you hotlinked one with malware and my virus protections won't let me access it.

  12. No I don't & checked through google webmaster tools and no malware found. Checked with people in Norway, USA, Serbia, Philippines and Australia - everyone says a ok.

  13. Google cache shows the last cached version was Oct 18 - so they are a couple of days behind - they are only missing two posts on the cached page

    maybe the link below will work

  14. After the September 29 post I see the flash "Loading" icon but nothing ever loads. If you have Infinite Scroll active, can you try disabling it?

  15. I appreciate the help. There are 3 missing from that l link - but I find it strange it went from being crawled average 65 times a day to zero. But you had no problem viewing actual sight?

  16. - loads fine for me

    Note also that Google can take a day or three to index a new Post even on an existing site with a history

  17. Pardon my fax pas :) infinite scrolling? Where would I find that to disable? General settings ?

  18. The vt falls wasn't indexed and that was posted over a week ago & it's a uncommon topic. All previous posts ( about 60 ) have gone up in under a minute

  19. Ok found infinite scrolling and disabled .
    Odd that even submitting a manual URL to google fails?

  20. I am confused with the dates - I can't get a week ago for anything Vermont

    Finding Hamilton Falls – Vermont Posted on Oct 21 - not a week ago

    Pic of the Week – Vermont Lake View - Posted Sept 29

    Noting Vermont in between those dates -

  21. Yes you are right- I apologize had the date 1 week off- but are you saying you don't see any between sept 29 and oct 23? Except the falls? Not Long Island sound sunset, battery charger review , Schiphol airport?

  22. Or just Vermont?

  23. Well, now the site loads for me. So it's progress.

    Try and use an external ping system like Pingomatic to force-ping Google.

  24. Thanks - just did the ping- not sure whats going on as I had changed no settings

  25. You ask about Vermont I checked Vermont - nothing else - you said a 1.5 weeks not 1.5 days - a waste of my time

    Google changes their algorithms every day - sometimes you win sometimes you loose - I had a site that was fully indexed - new site and Google decided to reindex the world and the site went away for several days

  26. My point was it's not been indexed since the 12th according to google webmaster tools and not cached in 5 days, which was up until an hour ago not been done since the 12th, 11 days. So despite asking about one post - simply typing in the website name in google shows it last dated oct 12. And that fact that manually adding a url failed also was totally new. And after never having seen anything take longer than 5 minutes sorry for "wasting your time"

  27. Your site appears to be loading very slowly, which could be why Google isn't showing you any love. The issue is, I can't seem to narrow down what is causing the slowdown.

    You might try changing themes temporarily to see if that improves page load. Alternately you might try temporarily removing the links, as someone else who checked this noted that site was loading slowly.

    You can test the site to see if it's faster here:

    Run it once before changing anything, and then see if that first bar on top gets shorter when you change things.

    If that doesn't help, let me know, and I'll look into it further for you.

  28. Ok, thank you. I am on the road right now and try it in a few hours and report back-

    Thanks, Karl

  29. I was able to remove the traveldudes links from my phone, but have to wait to change themes. Does that seem to help already though?

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