Please include Spanish(Puerto Rico)

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    I’ll be more than glad to help with the translation to Puerto Rican Spanish.



    Hello there,
    I have flagged this thread so our Moderators will bring it to Staff attention. I also think it would be a good idea for you to post the URL for your blog starting with http://


    @timethief I have no active blog as of now but I am working on a project for a science-based blog in Spanish. We hope to be up and running soon.



    Hi Robert

    You can find the general Spanish localization here:

    I don’t know if we currently have a locale for Spanish (Puerto Rican). I’ll look into it and get back to you on this.



    This should work for you



    In GlotPress there is only Spanish (Spain).
    For a translation to Puerto Rican Spanish apart from Spanish of Spain, it must be added to GlotPress.


    As ludusnaturae described, the only Spanish project in GlotPress is Spanish (Spain). Puerto Rican Spanish, as many of the other latin american variations of Spanish, is considerably different from Spain’s. However, the wording in Puerto Rican computer jargon is particularly distinctive deu to the immense English influence. Therefore, Puerto Ricans feel awkward when navigating Spain or Mexico based websites.

    My primary interest will be to Puerto-localize the themes so that Puerto Ricans feel more confortable navigating WordPress blogs targeted to them.


    The Spanish (Puerto Rico) locale was created on GlotPress ( and you were added as a validator. Note that the current Spanish translation was uploaded to the PR one to make your job easier (i.e. adapt instead of starting from scratch). Let me know if that’s ok.


    Thank you very much vanillalounge and all other for your comments/support. Yes, you will be saving us a lot of time by uploading the Spanish translations. I will jump onto the translation/validation duties right away.

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