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    I knew WordPress was going to change things over to viewing stats at the Homepage. Several at the forum said they disliked this and if I remember correctly staff said to give it a chance. Well, I have now and again, but I access so many of the features on my Dashboard when I log in that it is very handy to remain on it to view stats. I don’t use Freshly Pressed or read the blogs I follow through the home page. It occasionally causes my browser to crash and we have a slow internet connection.

    Today this was on top of my stats page, so I know the changeover will be sooner rather than later.
    Starting soon, your stats page will be on the homepage only.

    Can the staff PLEASE (I’m begging, not shouting) continue to leave it on the Dashboard. Since you have left it on there this long, would it be a hardship to just continue to do so? I see no link to get back to the Dashboard from the homepage.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    The blog I need help with is


    To access the Dashboard from Home Page, you will see your user name on the very top right of your screen. Click this and you will see a drop down menu with link to your Dashboard.


    Sorry, forgot to say click blog name after user name for Dashboard.



    As far as I can tell the ONLY reason WP is moving the stats page is to artificially boost the hit count for it homepage. There’s no logic to me to go from my Dashboard to the WP homepage just to see MY stats, and then having to access my Dashboard again.

    Google will quickly grow wise to the artificial boost in homepage visits and figure out a way to adjust its algorithm to account for it.



    I’m not sure they’re doing it entirely for Google’s benefit (as you say, it doesn’t take Google long to cotton on when their rankings are being gamed.) It’s more likely that they need some astronomical numbers of page impressions to wave in front of potential advertisers before the WordAds program is launched properly, in order to a) boost ad sales and b) charge higher rates than would have been merited by the real numbers.



    See also: infinite scroll, another method of artificially boosting page views ahead of launching the ad program, and also shoved in without concern for the needs or wishes of existing users.

    If Automattic are doing something that doesn’t make any immediate sense to you, then the motives for it are financial. They are a business. Making money is what they are here for.



    There are other threads on this issue. To locate them click this link.


    Thank you for your comments, all. And the link, timethief. I did not realize there were the other discussions. Based on not seeing much employee interaction, I guess we’re stuck and will have to live with it.

    jessielansdel, I appreciate knowing there is a way to get from the homepage to the dashboard. Another user talked about tabs, I often do that, so will just make a habit of it for stats.

    One post I appreciated was this:

    I was discussing this with my husband. The homepage is all the newsy stuff/updated blogs, whereas the stats are for my individual blog. It doesn’t really make sense to be put there.



    @ thebirdingbunch
    Here’s a link to the January 26th, 2012 announcement by Staff on the official blog. I read it very carefully and I read every comment as well. Your Stats Have a New Home

    Martin Remy
    January 27th, 2012 at 2:46 am
    Just to be clear, stats are not going away from the main Dashboard (currently they’re in the right column under Recent Drafts). They’ll also continue be accessible from the sparkline graph in the toolbar.



    I agree entirely with you, thebirdingbunch. In fact, I’ve never visited these forums before and I came here expressly to say the same thing.

    I know there are ways to get back to your dashboard from the new stats page, but the point is they are less convenient (hellfire, WP, don’t tell me you’re going to follow Apple in making changes to GUIs that are less usable than the old ones…).

    Please leave my stats where they belong – on my dashboard!



    I would like to second the motion of the original poster although something tells me it may just be too late unless the earth begins to move underneath’s feet.

    The MO of change around here is becoming all too familiar. In the 3 years I have been here I have dealt with 3 changes that could have been handled better. First it was the Cutline to Coraline change which enraged a swath of very passionate bloggers:

    Then it was the Poppressed Ads in your face fiasco later modified to surreptitiously run cheese ads ‘neath blog obituary pages:

    Then after all that comes this forced migration of the personal blog stats page to an impersonal home page with gimmicky inducements to distract the hoi polloi. What gives here?

    The simple wishes of the blogger obviously:

    Strike one, strike two ………

    My name is Darth, but you can call me Moog



    Quit moaning, you publish here for free. It’s the best blogging platform on the net, and whatever Automattic do to turn a few dollars out of the advertisers pockets is fine by me. I pay for the ad-free option anyway, as a way of keeping my site clean and giving automattic a few well earned dollars for the service they give me.

    As for stats location, what does it matter? just run a seperate tab with your stats in.


    I’ve got more important things to worry about than where my stats are situated. What a palaver over where ones stats are. It’s not the end of the world people.



    @ JessieLansdel – It is a palaver if you are unwilling or unable of connecting the dots.

    @ TallBloke – It is free only if you bring little or nothing to the table. And the “moaning” characterization is more often than not an indicator of dismissiveness and or defensiveness. No need to flip a coin here.

    My name is Darth, but you can call me Moog

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