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Please let me know where I find my trash folder. Need to move a post from there.

  1. I'm going to tag these threads for staff to remove your comments as you are making it awkward for people to find the answer.

  2. @thegiddygoat

    I apologized.. What else more do you want?

    I said i'm sorry and forgot to read the posts. Calm down!

  3. @dunkdad you are spamming. You are not giving any information that is of use to anyone. AND you're still at it with other threads.

  4. @thegiddygoat
    DUDE, After that incident I haven't spammed but given actual answers. I said i'm sorry. Just accept that I made a damn mistake and get over it. It's not like you have answered and solved anything. In fact I looked at your answers and they are similar to mine. So, should I consider your answers as spam. Because I am..

  5. So i'm a spammer am i? You already said you answered without even reading the thread.

  6. Dude, just forget it. You're also spamming due to this convo. Just remember I said sorry. You could have ended it by saying "its okay don't do it again" But whatever, although you are spamming.

  7. I have been helping in this forum for 4 months. There is no blog linked to my name. So how am i a spammer? I gain nothing from helping people here.

  8. I've modlooked this thread to be closed, because it's just not going to get any better.

  9. @absurdoldbird

    Thank You!

    He doesn't see that I have apologized but just keeps rambling causing me to ramble back!

  10. Good day @absurdoldbird.
    Trolls around. :)

  11. @thegiddygoat

    See this

    dunkdad: thanks but it didn't work.

    auxclass: why would I need to read the terms of service again, how will that help?

    Thanks guys

    People are thanking me, I don't see people doing that to you. This is for the post on why the dashboard isn't working. I also provided a great response on embed videos .

    Maybe you should check it out!

  12. @hnsaifi you calling me a troll now?

  13. @thegiddygoat


  14. @thegiddygoat has noooooo comeback!

  15. @thegiddygoat
    I often see you in the forums volunteering here. Good job! But here are some codes of conduct. Please review them. Hope you'll understand them well.

    ...these forums represent a community. Each person has as much of a right to be here as you do.

    We love positive and productive discussions, so please keep comments on the topics at hand and not on other members of the community. Thanks!

    Best regards

  16. I know you're right hnsaifi. I got wound up, i'm only human. I am neither a troll nor a spammer though and have spent 4 months helping here, sometimes for hours, and as i've said there is no blog linked to my name, so i gain nothing, except to try and help people.

  17. @hnsaifi

    I apologized and didn't want to take it further but then he kept aggravating me. Anyways, I would like to apologize to



    and everyone who reads this post... don't.

  18. @Dunkdad

    "its okay don't do it again"


  19. Gotchya

  20. I'm not apologizing i meant every word. But i'd like to say hwyl fawr to WordPress. 8 years of WordPress and it's nos da from the Gid.

  21. WHAT? That made no sense.

  22. aflyinthejamjar

    What you all need to ask now is, who is going to be answering the problems now, UK time. You just lost a good helper for a spammer. Good luck to you is all i can say. Lets see if dunkdad gives up hours of his time every day to help shall we?

  23. OMG you've driven Giddy away :( I love Giddy.

  24. The trash folder is at the top of the page, not the bottom, using ie 9 or FireFox

  25. Dashboard>All Posts, trash is at the top left.

  26. My final word here is this: This is a support thread. With every comment (and I realise I've just added to it) this thread gets bumped up, which makes it more difficult for real support issues to be attended to. Please do not post any more to this thread. Just don't. Make this the end.

  27. Howdy everyone,

    Please remember to abide by the forum code of conduct, keep things civil, don't argue, and don't give us a reason to ban you. :)

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