Please let me pay to not have ads

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    Seriously. I was shocked at how many ads are appearing on my blog.
    I would be happy to pay to NOT have them.

    I’ve established a home here, but I will be moving before the end of the summer if you don’t let me remove those ads.

    I know this request has been made before, but since you are busy adding “features”, perhaps you’ll listen this time.



    (I am just another wordpress user commenting here) I may have missed something, I don’t see any ads though. Are you sure it’s not something your ISP or another program on your computer is doing? I’ve read about some ISPs injecting ads in the pages their users were browsing. I’d post a screenshot of it with ads then let someone else compare what they see when they browse to it.


    In the wordpress blog, see Matt’s post On Ads.

    In addition, the last paragraph of the features page says this:

    To support the service we may occasionally show Google text ads on your blog, however we do this very rarely. In the future you’ll be able to purchase an upgrade to either turn the ads off or show your own ads and make money from your blog.


    For those who have not seen it, take a look at the link below for examples of what WordPress adsense can look like on your blog.


    I’d rather post comments on products I like than have them arbitrarily chosen for me as well. I often post on products that I like…that reflects true advertisement better than iGoogle ads…I never read them on people’s blogs anyway.



    The photo on Wank’s blog had at least 6 *FEWER* ads that what I saw on my blog.

    They have promised this was coming–but it needs to hurry up.



    My apologies for my mistake. It would seem sensible to allow people to pay to not have ads.



    I got an irate email from someone I’d quoted because she was under the impression I was some kind of blog scraper, because of all the Adsense. It cheapens the look of our blogs quite considerably.

    For a number of reasons, I expect that is jamming up a lot of new features in a short period of time and this could well be one of them. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and this thread at the front page of the forum.



    Im ok with the idea of keeping this thread up. Im definitely ready to pay for that upgrade and will try and monitor this thread to make sure its always on top. It needs to be.


    Would political incorrect blogs be more safe from this disgusting thing or will adds appear indiscriminately? Would non-English blogs be in the clear or is any language at risk?



    Ads do appear indiscriminately. It’s like the Possibly Related Posts, only for-profit.



    I asked if this option would be available before the end of 2008, since the standard line is “it’s being considered.” Via some support emails, I received the reply: “we have nothing to announce at this time.”

    I’m interpreting that as a no.

    Feel free to now discuss who has the best hosting solution.


    I like A Small Orange’s shared hosting called Tiny. It’s $25 per year for 75MB of space and 3GB of monthly bandwidth. Fits me quit well right now. They have a good selection of options.

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