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Please let us browse topics the old way (petition?)

  1. thismightbepropaganda

    I love wordpress to bits, but the new reader, ahem, 'sucks' as a concept. Sorry, it just does :(

    It is much easier to scan blog posts in the old grid form (and list view) page by page. The new supersized and 'active' scroll down system is a pain to read (too bug, too jerky) and it is just *so much* less efficient as a way to pick out interesting posts to read.

    It also doesn't update properly which I'm guessing is just teething problems. But even if it worked it still makes browsing an unpleasant experience.

    Can you please at least give us the option of using the old system please?

    Please!!!!!!! :)

    If anyone else agrees with me please leave a reply below....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, please.

  3. Why would we do that? is not a democracy. It's a corpocracy (Automattic). Commenting in this thread simply keeps bumping it above the threads wherein there are bloggers who have issues that can be resolved.

    Other active threads - same issue:

  4. thismightbepropaganda

    If you don't want the thread bumped then don't post a reply then.

    Look, now you've made me reply as well! LOL ;)

    I already said I love the folks at wordpress and I appreciate what they do. I'm not asking for a new feature, just the option to use an existing and perfectly adequate feature which was already in place when I started using WP.

    If they don't like this post they are free to remove it. They can remove my blog too as I am not under contract and have paid them no money to host it.

    However it's in nobody's interests to get stressed out. I'm just expressing an opinion (politely and showing respect) and I'm sure they respect and appreciate the feedback, in return :)

    Strictly speaking (at least as I understand it) this is a user forum, the true support is a separate affair for paying customers only (currently).

  5. Ah yes, infinite scrolling strikes again. This is the latest "OMG this is so cool" thing that AutoMATTic has latched onto and I expect we will see it absolutely everywhere.

    Oh yeah, and we are all "silly" for not liking it - or so they think.

  6. as posted in this thread...there are other threads going with this same there... :)

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