Please make it possible to change the color of the audio player!

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    the new look of the audio player is black and looks very massive. :-(


    Please make it possible to change the color of the audio player – like in red, green, blue and so on…

    That would fit to the blog design or to certain articles!

    It would be awesome to choose between a general look (like that all audio players should appear in blue/green/red… .
    AND to choose that some single audio players should appear in another color.

    I’ve got an article with the overview of many audio players (look: ).
    As you can see it now looks very chaotic. – But imagine how it would look if there where different colors!

    Please think about it :-)

    Thanks for reading

    The blog I need help with is


    Or at least have its default as something a bit less intimidating than black, please? All of a sudden all the pages that have audio on them are totally visually dominated by a huge black audio player. Something a bit more likely to fit into everyone’s themed designs would really help.



    For now, changing the color of the audio player using the custom CSS feature that comes with the Custom Design upgrade is already possible.
    It does require some advanced CSS knowledge to work with, though, and I agree that a simpler option (perhaps by adding the option in the shortcode) would be great for the majority of the users.

    Finally, if anyone needs help styling their audio player, feel free to drop by and make a post in the CSS Customization forum . Me or others there will help.



    Hi there Julia and Alison!

    Yes, Hafiz is correct in saying that the Custom Design upgrade can help you change the music player’s background color.

    This can be done by inserting the following CSS code in the Custom CSS panel:

    .mejs-container {
        background-color: #F00 !important;

    Let me know if you need further help in implementing the code should you decide on purchasing the upgrade.

    Thanks for chiming in Hafiz!


    Is everyone aware of the feedback re: the audioplayer changes forum in this thread which was commenced on April 28th? The bloggers posting there have already purchased a space upgrade in order to run audio on their blogs. The unannounced and unexpected changes they have experienced to the audioplayer are not appreciated. They have received zero responses from Staff re: those unwelcome changes, so I think we can surmise suggesting they have to purchase yet another upgrade is not going to be well received either.


    Thanks everyone for your replies.

    ‘thistimethisspace’, I found that thread and have posted there a couple of times – you’re right that there’s a good deal of ‘unhappiness’ re: the changes!



    Hi all,

    We are working on addressing these issues. Thanks for the heads up timethief!

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