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Please Make option to search Mature blogs

  1. My blog has been marked as mature- which okay, fine, I will admit that it is. What I think is unfair though- is that this basically eliminates the feature of tag searching. Not only do I not get traffic from tag searches- but when I search the relevant tags I'm interested in (BDSM, sex, humiliation)- I know I'm getting only a very limited slice of the blogs that are actually out there. I hate that all of us mature bloggers are being cut off and isolated from each other. There is an easy, breezy solution to all of this- and I don't understand why it hasn't been implemented:

    Have an easy toggle option that when you tag search- it will bring up mature results as well. Why is this such a problem? I think it's ridiculous to have blogs marked as mature anyway (do we really need to censor the interwebs? there's porn, and worse, everywhere). But if wordpress insists on it- they should at least give us mature bloggers another option and not leave us high and dry.

  2. Opening Statement: I'm not an owner of a mature blog.

    I get your point and that option idea isn't bad, it should be off by default though.

  3. Yes- I would totally be fine with it off as a default. It's just frustrating that people can't find my blog- and also that I can't find theirs with the wonderful touted "tag search" feature :-(

  4. P.S.- It could function much the way the avatar ratings does in terms of getting to pick your own preferences. I'm perfectly fine with the fact that my avatar doesn't always show up, as long as the option is there to let it be seen. (I will concede the difference that mods get to rate blogs as mature, and not blog owners themselves).

  5. It's been suggested; I suggested it about two and a half years ago. I'd suggest you contact staff directly and make your case, via the Contact Support button.

  6. I flagged myself as 'Mature' the week I opened my blog. I write a lot of stories, some involving (graphic) violence, as well as views and opinions that would offend certain people (Previous experience with some of my work). Okay, not all of it is mature, by I'd rather just flag myself as M-rated, and link my work via other means (twitter etc).

    I'll freely admit I swear a lot in my blogs at times too, so really, rather than get the complaint I just prefer to make sure they don't get read by anyone other than those I approve of. I get your point about the site needing the option, but there isn't a 'fool-proof' way of keeping minors out of such content if they are determined.

    Rather than face any comments off ignorant parents or easily offended people, I'd say just link your sie through other mediums and hope someone else likes you enough to link you their stuff, for now. Oh, and pitch an idea to the mods for a mature search function.

  7. binky- I don't understand why there needs to be a "foolproof" method. This is the internets- there is porn, violence, etc., everywhere. No form of censorship is going to spare a child that. If a child is old enough to figure out how to make or search through blogs with a mature function toggled on- they're old enough to figure out how to find mature content on the web in other places as well.

  8. True, but the child isn't the one who will sue you for allowing such content to be available (gotta love litigation culture).

    I do agree with you, there should be a way of searching through 'mature' content if you want to, with a handy "This Blog is marked as Mature (18+ years old only). If you are easily offended, please press the back button on your browser, otherwise please press 'accept'." Like I said, pitch the idea to WordPress, see if they are willing to listen to it.

  9. "This Blog is marked as Mature (18+ years old only). If you are easily offended, please press the back button on your browser, otherwise please press 'accept'."

    Blogger has something like that - shouldn't be too hard for wordpress to offer something like that too.

  10. markadamsvidioview

    How do I mark my blog as "mature"?

  11. Go to your blogs main site and select 'mature blog' from the top right drop down menu in the wordpress navigation bar or contact support:

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