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Please make this blog available

  1. This is a request to WordPress Administrators

    I wanted to start a blog on photography. I choose the name 35mm. When I tried to sign up with the URL I was told the blog already exist. I decided to view the blog and I was shocked to see that it was just a demo WP blog. How can you guys waste such an impressive name on a demo blog? Please move that blog to somewhere else and make the URL available, to me and only me :)

    Please. I request you.

  2. "Deleting an ‘unused’ blog gives no benefit to While you might feel it will benefit you because then you can get a name you want, what if someone wants your current name? And someone else wants another name? It either turns into a blog collection or a rolling chain of name swapping. It could also turn into a mad rush and accusations of who deserved what if blogs were recycled."

    I don't agree. I'm not asking for someone else blog. If somebody owns a blog and hasn't updated it for years, it's still his. I cannot ask him to give up his blog. But if the blog is a demo blog, and owned by WordPress, then surely you can. I see no reason why this could lead to a "mad rush". A demo blog has no real owner, technically. It's owned by WP. So they can surely make certain blog names available if they want.

    Once a blog name is made available, it will belong to the first person who signs up for it. No questions asked, no accusations.

    I think you better give this issue some thought.

  3. I have nothing to say about it. Like you I'm only a blogger. Support hours are from 9-5 PM Pacific time weekdays. You can tell TPTB what you think using this link or the "support" link on the top right hand corner of any dashboard/admin side blog page in your blog.

  4. I don't think it is a demo blog. It's just a blog like a thousand others which has been started and not updated; that's the same exact message and theme we get in our first posts for any blog we start on WordPress. I don't see anything which makes me think it's owned by WordPress.

    The best thing to do is if you'd like that blog name and think it's just being wasted, leave a comment or try and contact the blog owner to ask if he/she would consider transferring it to you. The worst that can happen is they'd say no or ignore it, and you're no worse off than you were before.

  5. Can you simply modify your selection slightly? It might also make it more memorable. Like, now, I'm not so good at this, but how about Red35mm or Hot35mm or Best35mm or Top35mm or Genuine35mm or Clearmind35mm. I could go on, but I won't. I know it is not as clean as you'd like, but there a reason perhaps for everything. What is it that you hope to bring to a photo blog site?

  6. Or 33-mm or 33_mm

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