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Please make this thief remove my work

  1. essentiallystapleton

    This person who using wordpress solely to draw people to purchase things from him (is this not in violation of wordpress' terms of use?). He's stolen my content and two photos of my child. Both entries are my original work.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The reported site appears to be spam, so it has been suspended from Thanks for letting us know!

  3. is this not in violation of wordpress' terms of use?

    In fact makes it easy to reblog posts and the ToS has a section that allows them to do so.

    By submitting Content to Automattic for inclusion on your Website, you grant Automattic a world-wide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, modify, adapt and publish the Content solely for the purpose of displaying, distributing and promoting your blog.

  4. @Bubel
    Thank you.

  5. I was recently confronted with reblogging for the first time. Reblogging is spam. "Displaying, distributing and promoting your blog" is not the same as "displaying, distributing and promoting a third-party blog on". It is a well known fact that search engines penalize content that is repeated on multiple sites, because it is spam. Why does Automattic think different? I am upset. My blog is licensed Creative Commons *No Derivatives*, meanining that it is meant for consumption in its original context, not in the context of another blog that does not add value, neither to my content nor to my readers. Please give us an option to disable reblogging. And BTW, here is another spammer on WordPress: -- original:

  6. You do not need to tolerate reblogs if you don't want to. You are free to file a DMCA notice, and if the blog consists of no original contents, then it is almost certain that your filing will succeed.

    Reblogs, because of the formatting, are understood by Google to be reblogs, not spamming, but Google does expect some original material to be added.

  7. @raincoaster: I am a law student and know extensively about the DMCA process. The issue of spammy reblogs should be solved technically at with a simple switch disabling reblogs, or with a more finer grained solution enabling the original poster to remove his content from the offending page, not via a DMCA process too cumbersome for most content owners to care. If I have to go through the hoops of a DMCA process I might as well take my blog away from

    In my opinion there is no value added other than the revenue generated from the display of extra ads (which incidentally benefits only / Automattic) when a parasite reblogs my content, as opposed to a legitimate writer who pings back from her own original blog, citing excerpts and elaborating further with her own original ideas adding to the conversation.

    In that sense is not doing what it is licensed to do, namely to "display, distribute and promote my blog". Reblogs demote my blog in that they promote the blog of the reblogger where it is in competition with mine; reblogs distribute the reblogger blog where it is in competition with mine; reblogs display the reblogger's blog where mine would have been displayed legitimately instead.

    I trust that Google is not stupid and will find a way around the reblogs spam. So will legitimate bloggers. can be part of the problem (as it seems to be now) or part of the solution (if it gives control to the owner of the original post to allow or disallow reblogs and to edit likes and ). My experience of in recent times is that it has become increasingly part of the spam problem. "Likes", "reblogs", and "follows" are all nice idea with legitimate purposes, but the way they are implemented at they are open for abuse by self-promoting spammers.

  8. WordPress has been moving closer and closer to Tumblr for the last year.

    You're right, they could change it (they could, for example, reduce the number of words grabbed in a reblog to a lower level, like Zemanta does) but that is not part of their long-term plan and they are not going to do that.

    You're a law student and you find filing a DMCA notice to be arduous? Really? I'm speechless.

  9. @raincoaster: *I* don't find filing a DMCA notice to be arduous -- there is nothing difficult or mystic about it. And yet (1) most users won't take the hurdle to file one; and (2) it is a complete and unnecessary waste of the time of those who do file them.

    I rather use my time for something creative, but this reblog "feature", like the forced display of gravatars on likes, makes it easier for spammer to abuse my blog and forces me to do more housekeeping and patrolling than if my blog would be standing alone out in the wilderness of the internet. Under these circumstances, has negative utility to me. Let them tumble with Tumblr, I'll move my blog away at the next possible opportunity.

  10. It's entirely up to you. I have given you the solution to your problem, and it will work, and you KNOW it will work, and yet you refuse to do it. If you think a DMCA won't work, why are you even considering a career in law?

    Of course it will work. In fact, I'll happily file it on your behalf, for less than a lawyer would charge! Send me fifty bucks on my Paypal button and I'll have the content taken down.

    Entirely up to you.

  11. @raincoaster: You have given me *a* solution to the problem, not *the* solution. In fact, your solution is merely temporary and highly inefficient. It will only increase the volume of DMCAs and the business of those who charge fifty bucks to file them when it is a matter of five minutes. I never stated that DMCA do not work. All I have stated is that DMCA are an inefficient way to solve this problem. I would definitely not have considered a career in law if my aspiration was to do stupid copy&paste work such as DMCAs. The fact that a legal solution to a problem exists does not mean that it is the only solution, nor the most efficient solution, nor the most impactful solution, nor the most desirable solution. The most desirable solution in this situation is for to do the right thing. In my opinion the preferable solution is to move my blog away, soemthing that I will probably schedule for the Christmas break, after the next batch of exams. Or maybe I will set up a DMCA shop at forty-nine bucks just to drive you out of business.

  12. Not solving the problem at all is less efficient than solving the problem, no?

    Disabling reblogging will not solve the problem. Look at Tumblr: sure, lots of posts are reblogs, but a great deal are posted to tumblr from elsewhere. is not going to disable reblogs, no matter how much you want it to. Continuing to shout at a wall that is in your way is less efficient than using the door.

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