Please moderate… spam – the skinny?

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    I’ve got two blogs. One is WordPress software hosted on my server, the other is hosted on The one hosted on my server I’ve always got these “Please moderate this comment bla. bla. bla” spam messages, quite a few, I just deleted them.

    Now I’m getting them on my hosted blog. The thing is, I have the option to allow users to post comments turned OFF on both of these blogs.

    So 1) why do I still get this spam even though comments are turned off

    2) Is there a way to stop it. I keep seeing akismet mentioned but also see spam even gets by that!




    Just another setting I think. go to your Admin => Options => Discussion and check out the options in there. Especially,

    E-mail me whenever:
    Anyone posts a comment
    A comment is held for moderation

    That should do it, but you might also change the admin options below that portion as well.




    You may be getting them also if Akismet can’t deside if a comment really is spam or not. I believe that if it can’t deside, it drops it into the moderation queue.

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