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Please move my followers

  1. Hi - I am moving my blog from to a self hosted blog at

    can you please help me move my followers?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    After you install the JetPack plugin and activate it Staff can transfer your email subscribers for you. Please post into this thread again when you have done that. Note that followers using the Reader cannot be followed.

  3. Jetpack installed. I am using feedburner on my old site ( - does that matter?

  4. Hi - Let me know what to do. Thanks

  5. Yes, it matters. if you were using the Follow Blog widget, Staff can move the email subscribers. However, as you are using Feeburner Staff can't move those subscribers. You have to do that yourself.

  6. If you are using Feedburner, then the subscribers will move automatically. You will presumably forward your account to your new one, and that will automagically redirect your Feedburner subscribers too.

    It may also be possible to change the feed URL in Feedburner. It's been a while since I've used that service, so I'm not entirely sure on that though.

  7. All I did was copy and paste the Feedburner subscription sign-up form the text widget on the blog to the site and that was it. I didn't bother burning a new feed and it worked find. I've also made the opposite move from a install to a blog by doing the same thing.

  8. It looks like I can change the url in feedburner, and that should take care of it. Thanks

    FYI, feedburner settings page says:
    'You should not change "Original Feed" unless you move your original feed to a new domain or a new location on your existing server. Also, changing "Feed Address" will require you to update your feed subscribers with your new address; the previous feed address will no longer work.'

  9. Thanks for posting that. It will be handy when the next blogger posts this question again. Best wishes with your new site. :)

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