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    Please, please add a link to the search form in a prominent place on the main forums page as well as any other place a user is likely to want it. When I’m looking for help the *first* thing I look for is a search field. It’s a little crazy to only show the link when I start a new topic (“Before posting a new topic, _be sure to search_ to see if one has been started already”). In the first place, I’m not likely to notice that the link has appeared. In the second place, if I’d had a chance to do a search, I might not have started the new topic.

    The other place I found a search link was on the FAQ page. That’s fine, but I shouldn’t have to go fishing to find it.



    I second that :-S



    This has come up before. There are a few possible reasons for it: a) the search function isn’t reliable enough for anyone to promote its use, b) the search function is too hard on the server for the admins to promote its use, or c) these forums are just really, really badly designed. Take your pick.


    d) All of the above….



    This has come up before.

    Ah, I didn’t think to search for “search”. I see a thread from January 7 on the same topic. I guess I’m preaching to the choir as far as other users. Let’s see if the site developers see fit to make the changes we’d like. For now I can bookmark the search page, and actually I’m not using as my main blogging site yet, though that could change.


    Hey, looks like the dev team is doing an “ask and ye shall receive”.

    Very nice, gentlemen.



    We aim to please!



    Hey, thanks!



    So it was the easy-to-rectify c)! Yay!

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