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Please, PLEASE let me use the old editor!!!

  1. allatseainabigboat

    Mine's not working either.
    If I get a new blog (my friend's is blogspot and it's really easy to use) do I lose all of this?
    I guess people would still be able to view it but would I be able to take it with me?

  2. probabilityzero

    I have no trouble with the new editor using Firefox on a Linux machine.

  3. I had similar problems, but installing latest Flash, and changing to ie7.0.5 solved the problems (even though I use Maxthon browser)
    I like the new interface - takes getting used to, but is more logical, and less cumbersome when you are accostomed to it.

  4. Interesting. Sounds like 7.0.5 is the key there, because people still using 7 are reporting issues. Could be Maxthon, though. I'm using Windows 98 and whether FF or IE 6, I cannot use the Flash uploader at all. I think it's an issue between Flash and Windows 98.

  5. Hi Raincoaster!

    I am shocked! You are using 98?!

    Actually I heard explorer 7 is not stable...
    When is microsoft going to do something? But I have tried firefox before... gross~ Just can't get used to Firefox, regretably.

    I need your help installing those fancy widgets in your blog. Help help~! I have created a thread for this.


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