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  1. ahundredthingstodo

    If you rate my blog, I'll rate your blog in return. So, check it out @

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 9/10 Fantastic layout and design, and a really good subject for a blog.

  3. ahundredthingstodo

    @bazmann 8/10 I liked you writing style but it was a little hard to follow at points and sometimes seemed like you wern't considering other people besides yourself point of view on movies. Also your design is layout and design is pretty darn awesomd.

    Thanks for the review!

  4. It is a purposely opinion based movie blog, so as you say, i don't consider other peoples point of view, i leave the fence sitting to the bigger websites. Thank you for your kind words, it can be a bit of a battle getting the layout you want without knowledge of CSS, and i'm constantly trying to find ways to improve it.

  5. I really like that theme, if I didn't have the theme I have, I think I'duse the one you have.

    You are a little out of my age range (LOL) but I have two teenagers coming who I will introduce to your blog - I think they might like it!

  6. ahundredthingstodo

    @teamoyeniyi Thankyou so much! And as for your blog, I like your theme alot too, It keeps ot busy and thats what catches my attention. Your posts itself is also very good I read and very relatable as well.

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