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please read my blogs and share you opinions

  1. I decided to create a blog to see what people think. My knowledge comes from life experiences, things i've seen, read, heard, felt, and experienced first hand. I do not expect everyone to agree with what I have to say, but I will reach some of you, All it takes is a spark. I wrote this blog to shake your core, change your mind set, and to show parents, authorities, teachers, anyone who feels like they know whats going on, How todays youth truly feels. You'll be shocked by what we know. Before you read my blog, open your mind. Close mindedness has no place here, for that is part of the problem. I Hope you are affected by what I say, nothing you have ever read in your life, Is as real as this. I haven't even begun to scratch the surface. I am exactly what they do not want. Start asking, WHY?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In the future, don't post this sort of stuff in the main support forums, put it either in the showcase forum, or in the off-topic forum.

  3. I will post anything, anywhere I want.

  4. @askwhydb, Please keep your replies respectful and follow the forum rules unless you would like your forum privileges taken away.

    Thread moved to the show case forum.

  5. I am more than respectful, to tell me I can't say something will upset anyone. Go ahead and do whatever you want.

  6. BTW Welcome to = )

  7. threestoriestenpoems

    He gave you a good tip, be respectful. That was not "more than respectful". Silkbonez is right, if you abuse the forums you will just lose the privilege to post in it.

    Also, when I go to your blog, there's nothing there.

  8. wordsdivinelywrought

    Hmmm, yes, this smells a bit fishy. My mind is open -- but what about your blog?

    Maybe your posting was more of a mission statement than an actual invitation to come and see...???

    Core still waiting to be shaken.

  9. threestoriestenpoems

    @niwotcentral When I went to his/her? blog, it looked like the CSS was jumbled. The only thing that looks to have been changed on it is the links. I suspect, and am hopeful, that maybe they just are not done with the finishing touches on their first posts! If not? Spam?

  10. askwhydb, had a really long post earlier today. (shrugs shoulders)

  11. Well, I am appalled...well, not really... but my name is paul...does that count?
    Actually I was like two forum comments away from clicking onto this invitation. But, (Ask's) comment to sacredpaths post... summed up any questions that I had in my mind after reading the rebellion against those who are in authority, for no other reason than: ( I know everything )
    Great Proverb here, I don't even know who to accredit for it, but, holds so true:

    He who knows it all, has a lot to learn.

  12. A great proverb, @sonsothunder, which more than adequately encapsulates what we have here.

    I try and keep my mind open to all kinds of things, but not the level of arrogance displayed in this original post. It's not an invitation, it's a hammer to beat your head with. The real shame is there may have been something worth contemplating on this blog, if it exists. Never mind, eh?

  13. Wow now the blog is deleted lol

  14. easy come, easy go right?

  15. seems that way!

  16. Yeah, well, I could use the terminology that my dear sweet old mama, ( who's retired Army material ) used in her day to describe those who fall into that : He who knows it all category, but, it is not very becoming of a sweet little ole Jawja mama, let me forewarn: She would call those folks "a sexual intellectual" Really mama ? What's that? I would sheepishly ask... A Fuc@ing Know It all...she would say....ummm, sorry I asked Mama...

  17. WOW, i didn't realize the sexual intellectual actually had an email address?//?

  18. Lol!

  19. well if anyone is still interested in looking at a blog from an intelligent lifeform.
    I would welcome any comments, criticism, cudos etc...
    I have almost 200 hits in the 2 weeks i've been here and not one comment.
    Are people afraid of me? I'm a nice guy.

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