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Please read these my blogwords (with your eyes)

  1. This is basically a shameless plug for my new blog.

    Follow me on twitter or something and send me a link to your blog and I'll return the favour and put your words into my eyes also! It'll be like a word exchange of some kind, which can only be a good thing for everybody. Yes?

    So, give it a read, chap! You might like it. Don't believe me? Here's PROOF-

    "Just one daily dose of Quitegeist and my body no longer requires nutrition" -Guy, 25.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    A Shameless Blog Promotion includes a blog promotion rather than just a click my link and follow me on twitter message.
    (1) What is your blog about?
    (2) Which niche is it in?

  3. Quitegeist loves you.

    The aim of Quitegeist is to capture one man’s thoughts on a variety of contemporary topics and then embed these thoughts in your brain using words.

    Here are some quotes I've made up to entice you to click this here link

    “Without Quitegeist I would have no opinions.” – Anon, 25

    “If not for Quitegeist my brain would just be blood and mush” -Another, 25

    “I’m not convinced I even knew how to read before Quitegeist.” – A third person, 25

  4. The second promotion was much better. It made me want to read it. Keep it up.


  5. Cheers, lilysaurez.

    Whats that noise? Can you hear that? Something's coming...

    OH MY WORD! It's another SHAMELESS PLUG:

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