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PLEASE READ: Upgrading! Thank you for your patience!

  1. If you notice anything strange today, just hang on in there. We're doing a major upgrade.
    If you don't see your posts, go into your Dashboard, visit the Manage page and click around the menu items for a minute. Then go grab a cup of tea, coffee or your favourite beverage and your site will be ok again when you return.

  2. Erm, somehow 2 of my Scheduled Post screwed up and now it disappeared totally on my Dashboard...

    Oh well...

  3. Can you please give any insight into what is in this new update? Flickr support? Etc?

  4. Staff's probably using the boxes to play WoW. :)

    Can you please give any insight into what is in this new update? Flickr support? Etc?

    Stuff like that can be rolled out without anyone noticing. This looks more like upgrading the backend (ie MySQL) since posts are disappearing temporarily.

    I could go downstairs and get coffee though. Kind of neat being in a college library with a coffee bar. Darn expensive though.

    I'm actually cleaning up my 1,700+ posts backlog over at DeviantArt.

  5. Waffle - I'll take a look at that.
    carlbanks - drmike is right. It's a database change to the posts tables. Take a look at the timeline here: for more technical details!

  6. drmike is right

    Now why couldn't my ex-mother in law ever say that.

    Had a thought. If we see errors, would you rather have them there or via the feedback?

    Things seemed to have improved in the last few minutes.

    -dr(3.10 for a large basic coffee.)mike

  7. I recommend the following to the folks...

    1. Add a status report to's home page.
    2. Add a status report as the first line in the Dashboard.
    3. Add the Forums link near the top of the Dashboard, not the very bottom.
    4. Add more detail to the error message in the theme files so they are informative..."Sorry your posts are missing; we're upgrading the server." Something like that.

    Also, before I found the forums link, I was in the forum at trying to get some info. Others were concerned about their site being suspended. I began to fear that my students' blogs were being shut down for some reason, either because of a faulty spam filter, or because they might be "against the rules." Where is the list of rules and regs for sites?

  8. - The forums link is at the top of the page.

    - The error message in the themes actually comes from the database they are using. It's not WP dependant.

    - It took you an hour to find the very first post in the support forum? And where are your other posts that you mention?

    - Backups are made as well.

    Blogs are reported by users and visitors manually. No blog is deleted except for those with cause (ie spam blogs) and a manually check is made before doing so. WP does not censor for content.

  9. I think all the scheduled posts are coming out too early...
    Look, posts that should be appearing on 18th Feb is appearing as well...

    The upgrade is not over yet right?

  10. My scheduled posts are still holding. I haven't noticed anything missing or 404ing in over an hour. Remember, they have multiple boxes so they're probably doing one after another.


  11. Yup. Now there are no more surprises over at my blog. :(

  12. Well, over a month worth of future posts on my site just released. I just spent too much time putting them all in draft mode, but I know they've all pinged. So much for working my butt off to keep content ready to release while I'll be traveling.

    Part of the Theme's sidebar (blogroll) is also missing, so I think there is more going to bork things up. It's been missing since last night.

    And yes, a notice in the Dashboard in advance of these things happening would not just be a nice thing to do, but also a very professional thing to do.

  13. christopherwhite

    Waffle, similar happening to me. Exisiting scheluded entries all popped up too early and then disappeared altogether. New scheluded entries dop onto the site at the right time but don't show on the Dashboard or post management (and I can't delete an almost nonsensical test post - grr).

  14. Since it appears that many people can't find this thread, I've gone ahead and made it a sticky on the front page.

  15. When will all the maintainence be over? *angry*

  16. I added a new page (note, page, not post) a few minutes ago, but when I try to edit it, or when I try to edit any of my other pages, I get a message saying I'm not allowed to edit them...does this have to do with your "major upgrade"...???

  17. @brennan: Chill, baby! Last time I checked, WordPress was free of charge, so there's no reason getting angry when service is on hold for a couple of hours. ;-)

  18. Lorelle - I fixed the problem with the blogroll. It should be ok again!

  19. lightwalk - looking into it.

  20. I was scared so much

    Last 3 weeks of posts just disaapeard

    Hopefulyl things will back back to normal very soon

  21. donncha: Thanks for looking into it. This might help: I was intending to have a "Shopping" page with affiliate links to sites like eBay and Amazon. I added a link to eBay on the page, and it was after that I began to get the messages saying I can't edit my pages. Also, the "Shopping" page hasn't shown in my sidebar. I did some FAQ- and Forum-checking, and found out WordPress doesn't look favorably on using affiliate links. Is this correct? Could this be the reason I've been locked out of editing my pages? If so, I'll be glad to delete the page. Thanks!

  22. lightwalk - it's not that. I checked your site and there is something wrong with the permissions. What it is, I'm not sure yet.
    Nemtu - your site looks ok now, I can guarantee it wasn't a hack attack by extremists!

  23. plazaconstitucion

    Today, February 14th all my static pages disappeared . They were lost finally?

  24. Plaza, did you check the "Manage post" page like suggested above? You don't mention if you did or not.

  25. WordPress happens to be my favourite blogging service. Two features that set it apart are:
    1. Categories
    2. Static pages

    Here are two things that WordPress guys should look into, now that they are into the "upgrade" mode. I'm sure it's not going to be a tough task for the team:

    1. If someone deletes a WordPress url he chose (say, it becomes unable FOREVER. Why? Can it not become available again for the taking? Doing so would be a logical thing to do.

    2. If there is inflammatory or violent content on WordPress, there should be a quick link to report it. I haven't found a link yet which can be used in case someone is posting unsuitable content on WordPress.

    Upgrade team, my two cents.

  26. Lightwalk - it's fixed. You can edit your pages again. Only don't make it too spammy please! :)

  27. donncha: Thanks for looking into my problem. FYI: I am able to edit my posts, I just can't edit my pages. BTW: eisviech had the same problem, posted in a closed thread at

  28. donncha: Thanks! For my future reference, what is "too spammy?

  29. farrukh - It's our current policy that wordpress URLs stay deactivated.
    If you find inflammatory or violent content please use the feedback form in your dashboard to report it.
    (Further discussion on this topic should be moved to another topic please!)

  30. Donncha, just FYI - I know you're working overtime on this, but I left a February 15 post up as a test (ain't February 15 yet except in Australia maybe) and it is "still" up and visible to the world.

    I'm not going to take my other posts back out of draft until I'm sure this is fixed.

    And thanks for fixing the sidebar. That was strange. Thanks.


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