PLEASE READ: Upgrading! Thank you for your patience!

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    Just for the record, are they still upgrading ? Cause for some reason I still don’t see 2 of my pages, but If I use the dit button, I can edit them ?


    Also curious when the upgrade will be finished. Still missing a page (even though it appears in manage and I can edit it).

    And yes Drmike, before you tell me – I read the first post. But I think it compared the timeframe to “getting a cup of coffee”. Now, I don’t drink coffee, but I don’t think it usually takes people two days to get one…




    Again, sit back and try to gain perspective. If an announcement of the upgrade was made, then they’ll surely announce when they’re done. Giving a timeframe is akin to shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to such wide-reaching updates…



    Dr. Mike,

    For your information:

    All of my pages are still extant on the manage page table. However, the same “draft” problem has occured. Reposting the page does not work. It says my post date is 01-01-1970 for the page.

    Hope this has been helpful.




    i’m having a bad experience with wordpress.
    Last week i have created an account and since a week i can’t manage into create my blog.
    when i go to the blog address, i read “check your mail for the activation link”.
    I have no mail with activation links, i have just a username and a pwd.
    If i log in, every link i click i read “check your mail for the activation link”.
    I can just click to “forums” and so i’m here.
    Anyone can help?



    Is it possible that Dick Cheney is hunting within 30 yards of where our fine WordPress gurus are performing the upgrade? This could explain the whole thing.
    I’m experiencing the page problems as everyone else, and just thought I might look for a plausible explaination of what’s taking so long :-)


    +1 on the Pages issue. Guess we’ll just have to be patient. Although 2 days seems pretty patient already, dontcha think?



    Hmmmm….I feel upgraded.



    Not really. As any livejournal user could probably tell you, sometimes it can take weeks to iron out all the unexpected glitches caused by server moves, upgrades, and code changes.

    Personally I have a higher tolerance of downtime and general screwiness on free hosts than I would if I were actually paying for the service. And is still more reliable than six apart’s offerings, paid or unpaid.



    WP Rocks!!!




    So this wouldn’t be happening if I pay? By the time I post what I want to post, it will be old news. And I’m afraid of posting what I have saved on Notepad fearing it will all get lost and deleted.



    Keep up the great work, WordPress!

    Please be patient, members: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.



    When the upgrades are finished, will the missing items come back automatically?


    this is funny…i ain’t seeing anything missing from my blog….


    nosysnoop: You are the biggest worrier I’ve seen on these boards! I’ve posted for the past week while the upgrade’s been going on and I’ve lost nothing. If you’re worried about losing something, just save it to your desktop and post it anyway. That way, if it gets lost, you can just repost it. But seriously, it’s not that big a deal. You are waaaay too high strung about this stuff.



    talkingbase: I think that nosysnoop might have the same problem that I’m having. I’ve already had 15 pots of coffee, since taking the suggestion in the first post on this thread. That much coffee tends to make people a bit “high-strung”.

    It looks like the caffine is making him a little paranoid, too:

    “I wonder if I’m being hacked. I had so many problems at Blogger. More so than my friend’s Blogger blogs. …I have alot of enemies and I wonder if I was being hacked.”

    Seriously, though, doing drmikes math, this could all take up to 24 days, total. …and I think five seconds might be a little short. Have some patience! Lay off the coffee, nosysnoop.


    well, previous posts confirm what i’d just said



    “Love is patient…” (1 Corinthians 13:4, NASB).



    I guess I must have been kind of protected by some mighty wordpress guardian angel (real name: luck, lol) cause thus far the only bug I’ve had is some 404 error after I change the names of two categories.

    smallest font ever ==>I had to buy two packs of coffee tough :) :)


    For my pages I recently created that were not showing up, I just now changed them from draft to piblished and they are showing up, so things seem to be getting back to normal.

    Thanks for all the hard work and keeping this blogging system fresh and up-to-date; it’s appreciated!

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