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  1. Problem should be fixed now - it was *very* obscure. Your old permissions were cached by our caching system. You don't want to know about all the frustration of trying to debug that lot!
    Hopefully you can all edit and publish pages now!

  2. fujimara - look at the Presentation tab, and change the theme options. .. the new Hemingway theme supports "blocks", so you have to add the pages list back in.

  3. I had a problem again this morning with the scheduled posts.

  4. Scheduled posts won't show on dashboard?

  5. They show up, but never post.

  6. Carlbanks - can you post a future dated post again? I think I may have fixed it. It was a problem with timezones!

  7. nooneiswatching

    hi donncha, i just posted a future dated post and it still didn't work.

  8. It worked twice Donncha! Thanks!

  9. just found this thread - haven't been through all the posts, but i guess upgrading is not over yet, right? i mean, i have only the last post on my site - all previous posts are gone ... dashboard still keeps the count of all previous posts, although i can't reach them or edit or ...

  10. Horizonts - that was strange. Your posts table wasn't upgraded. I've upgraded it now and your posts show up!

  11. yes, all is good now ... thanks a lot, donncha ...

  12. i can't post anything to my acct yet. apart from that, my dashboard doesn't indicate any signs of notices of upgrades. no links to this forum post at all too.
    when i tried to post, it gives me some wordpress documentation faq forum page.
    Apart from the inability to write posts. everything looks the same. hope you can restore my acct soon. thanks

  13. hello again ... i don't feel like creating a new entry in forums, as i guess it is all related to this upgrade ...

    i've got a very weird design bug now ... not sure if it could be seen on all platforms/browsers, therefore i captured a screenshot ... it is here:

    yes, i've got small smiley in title area and rest of the page fcuked up :)

  14. Well, i was just editing a page, and when i finished, a 404 error appeared and then the page disappeared. I freaked out at first and then I stumbled on this forum. Thanks for telling you're doing the upgrade, but will my page be back?

  15. Having problems editing post, too, over here in France. Oh, well...It is a very good and FREE platform. (hope that will give me special rank with dr mike or wonderful donncha when my time for real trouble comes up!).

  16. I thought the upgrade was finished when a few days ago, everything started working great. But just now, I edited a page of information I painstakingly worked on for hours, and once I hit save, it disappeared. It still shows up on my homepage as there, but when you click on it, it says "Doh, something must be wrong, this page does not exist." It is not long longer listed in my dashboard. Is this a brand new problem, or is the upgrade still going on and I got lucky for a few days? I REALLY hope that page comes back? I'd hate to have to do it all over again. Will it?

    Thanks. I would love a reply. And I am also loving wordpress, not panicking, would just like to be assured that my page will come back and that this is being worked on so it won't happen again.

    Well, when I went back just now, the page has also disappeared from my home page. I will stop doing anything to my wordpress blog until I hear that this is fixed.

    Thanks, Denise Kincy

    P.S. Sorry to be so long winded. I'm a writer, what can say I say. But I thought you'd also like to be notified that the function which sends emails to me once I receive a comment on my blog isn't working now either. (you probably know all of this, just thought I'd give you a heads up in case this was something else gone wrong)

  17. Yeah, I'm still getting a redirect page when I click on 'Write Post'. Intermittent all day.

  18. Any idea when this will be sorted out?
    I directed someone to my blog, she couldn't see it at all.
    A friend is starting a blog, I raved about, she can't get in, will probably go to blogger.
    I worry about stability of all of our work so far.

  19. I'm also getting a 404 error on my "Not Yet Published" page, which I just updated. It's also disappeared from my "Manage Pages" list. I'm not panicking yet, and figure it will show up again eventually... I hope? :)

  20. I'm having a problem with my page too. A page weirdly changed status to a post and now sits at the top of my blog. I've changed the time-stamp now to a future date so it doesn't appear there, but ideally it should become a page again. The link to it at the top of my blog is also still there and it leads to an error page now. And a sub-page has been completely deleted.
    Thanks for any help.

  21. I have the same problem. Hope I didn't lose any data.

    I read the FAQ and it said backup. I only started on WP last week so I hadn't had time to learn to backup.

    I love this service. Keep it up.

  22. I can't believe not even a moderator has chimed in on this yet. These questions are all over this forum, and not a peep. What's up, Support People? Can't one of you at least address these questions?

  23. wordpress is consistently the most unreliable blogging service of the 3 i've used (blogger/blospot, blogsome, wordpress). why it is that i can rely on not being able to log into my dashboard is beyond me. it's extremely aggravating - the only thing keeping me at wordpress is the fact that i don't want to keep hopping services.

  24. Kenny, I've been using WordPress since August and since December 30th and let me tell you it's more reliable than Blogger. These service disruptions are new and rare; but what do you expect when it's free and popular? You won't find a better deal.

  25. I agree with carlbanks. Eventhough my page still doesn't show signs of reappering (and I really don't expect that, I'm sure it won't kill me to put some effort to create a new one), my confidence on wordpress stands firm. The guys must be killing their backs right now to solve this rare problems and all just to give us a better service. WordPress has proved to be one of the best blogging applications, and way better than blogger. Let's show some patience and support. The support thing it's not only a one-side relationship. It's mutual.

  26. satdharm - I recovered one page from your posts table but it uses a character in the URL that causes a 404. Did that happen before?

  27. pajcat - I restored that page for you.

  28. Thank you!! Your hard work is much appreciated.

  29. Lovely.

    Well, could you at least tell me why I stopped getting emails when I receive a comment?

  30. donncha- no, it didn't happen before.
    -Thanks for getting back my page.

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