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  1. Everything's back to normal, thank you all so much! :)

  2. I thought this is related so I didn't want to create another thread for it. Before going on, I really appreciate the help and the work you're doing.
    It happens that the titles of my previous posts (posts of yesterday or before) appear with tiny font sizes. I noticed also that the font sizes in the bar to go to your dashboard got smaller too. Then I edited a category currently called "poder creativo (har)" and everything was fine after doing that, but once in my site when I clicked it a 404 error message appeared.

  3. I got all my pages back! :)

  4. /wp-admin/post.php shows only the footer of the page. There seems to be something wrong with this. The bookmarklet also uses this page and doesn't work for now. The problem has been there over a week but i thought it was being resolved after the upgrade finishes but the problem still persists. Can you fix this please, Thank you!

  5. Ok, I'm really patient but I will insist in case I've been forgotten. Sure I'm not the only one out there with quite a few problems. The font sizes problems still there as the 404 error in category "poder creativo". Hope I can have some help. Thanks!

  6. I've had many of the same problems with a hosted account. As of last night my pages appear in view and edit, but not at the site. They knew nothing and had me delete my site, which was new.

    Reinstalled with upgrade, same problem. Pages don't appear on site. Now what appears is an error message and a search box.

    Error reads "not found, sorry but you are looking for something not found".

    Any ideas? Was supposed to launch my website today, sadly.

    My thanks for any direction--


  7. Wrong site. You need to be over at

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