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Please Rectify the server

  1. Why Images in Slide show and Photo Gallery are Appear Lately after I published the Page. It is so incontinent to me post images in blog Please rectify the problem in your server
    Blog url:

  2. And could we have that again in English, please?

  3. And with a direct link to a post or page where you are having this problem, starting with http:// to make it clickable.

  4. @toptenstudents10, try following this.

    @rain, ouch ;)

    I think that was meant to be :
    "Why do the images in the slide show and photo gallery not appear after the page is published?

    It's so difficult for me to include images in blog posts" ... or something like that.

  5. @eksith-not sure how that addresses adding slideshows and galleries or why they are not appearing if they've added them or if indeed that is the problem at all.

    So just to make sure we've covered as much as we can without input from the OP:

  6. Oops, I meant to post the very next page in that.

    But the links you posted are more to-the-point anyway.

  7. Personally, I feel the most up-to-date info is in the Support documentation, even if the Learn site is prettier and a great resource for newcomers. :)

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