Please Reinstate the Option of Choice to Use the Old Publishing Format

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    I am fairly pi**ed off about this too, but lets direct our energies towards getting the option back. (Lets hope it doesnt take as long as last time).

    In the meantime, I spent 20 minutes looking for an add-on that would help. I think someone told us about something like this last time. Not sure.

    Anyway, if installed the firefox add-on

    URL link

    that allows you to transform the link to the new editor, to the one for the old editor.

    This means that you can right-click on any Edit post button and go directly to the old editor.

    I know its not a solution, but it is a work-around. (You would need one for each of your blogs). I will give more details if anyone is interested.



    @knashermac2009 I would love details on that! Would that work for the free version of wordpress? thank you so much!


    @cbiancardi Yes it will work!

    1. Download and enable the firefox add-on URL Link 2.04.03

    2. From the list of add-ons, find URL Link and click on Options

    3. Click on th e”Edit Menu” tab and add a new entry

    Edit Post|https://yourWebSiteURL/wp-admin/post.php?post=*&action=edit

    (Edit Post is what you will later. The stuff after the | is the link to the classic editor. The * will be the post_id)

    4. Click on the “Edit Search and Replace String” tab and add a new entry||

    The bit before the || is the link to the new editor without the post id. Link URL is going to remove this (leaving the post_id). You can obtain yourWebSiteCode (a 7 digit number) by hovering over a link to the new editor (as in New Post or Edit Post).

    5. Click OK. I removed all the other entries in both menus to remove clutter.

    6. Now, when you go into your blog, right-click on any edit button and hover over “Open Selection”. You’ll see “Unaltered” plus all the items from the Edit Menu in URL Link (including Edit Post). Select the latter.



    Please Reinstate the Option of Choice to Use the Old Publishing Format — strongly echoed



    We all appreciate what volunteers do, but I sometimes think that this system is reinforcing WP’s already bad habits. The volunteers get a lot of the anger which WP should be feeling itself.


    I would like to speak for a subgroup of bloggers on WordPress.

    I blog anonymously and in private browsing windows. When I close my browser, the cache is deleted. Since the new editor apparently stores drafts in a computer’s cache, the new editor is absolutely not an option for me.

    Now imagine all those college students who have to use campus computer labs… you know, those students who don’t have their own computer or smart phone. (Yes, plenty of those still exist in spite of the proliferation of such technology among youth.)

    If the new editor had been the only visible option when I started blogging, I would not have stayed on WordPress for more than a day. It wouldn’t have been feasible. (Having been here for a while, I know there are workarounds. A newbie wouldn’t realize that.)



    @bumblepuppies … so with the new editor, if the cache is emptied you lose all your drafts?? I have dozens of drafts. They are my “lab” for future posts. Am I going to lose them once the classic editor is shut down?? This is the worst thing I have heard yet. Anyone??



    @davidderrick-Who said anything about the Classic Editor being shut down?



    That is my understanding. The workaround would be to publish your drafts, but schedule them for a time that’s 100 years into the future.



    It would be foolish to assume the classic editor is staying, no?


    @knashermac2009, I do not know how to get to the old dashboard you are speaking of. I’m fairly new to this, about 8 months now. I can only find one dash board. Thanks if you have any ideas on that.


    Sorry @dearsomebeard – I mean the WP admin panel. There isn’t a new Dashboard (yet)



    The My Sites page is supposed to be the new dashboard.

    Click on the WP-Admin link on the My Sites page, or add “wp-admin/” at the end of your URL (i.e. ) to find the classic dashboard. Then bookmark that link in your browser so you can find it easily next time.

    If you want to create or edit any post or page with the classic editors you’ll need to do it via that link, and not the buttons in the toolbar and on your blog. Those only go to the new editor now.


    I don’t like the new editor either. I wish these companies would leave these things alone, but it seems they just can’t. They have tweaked ebay out of existence (and yet the item number now is so small you can’t even see it) and where is the sense in all that? Stupid if you ask me!


    Yet REAL problems they WILL NOT deal with! Like try to delete a lot of images out of your gallery which I need to do as I keep a pic gallery of 500 pics which needs updating every three months.

    It’s really annoying. For example on the ‘content sidebar’ (a sidebar for any media such as pics or vids etc.) which appears to the right on the 2014 theme (I don’t know about other themes) there is a MASSIVE ONE INCH PLUS GAP between the vid or the pic and the title! The title in fact appears directly on top of the next vid and if that isn’t confusing I don’t know what is. Why they don’t do something about things like that before tackling things that were all right as they were, is anyone’s guess.

    Someone ought to have told them if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!



    We all appreciate what volunteers do, but I sometimes think that this system is reinforcing WP’s already bad habits. The volunteers get a lot of the anger which WP should be feeling itself.

    exactly. Especially since most of us do know how to get to the classic editor, thru the old admin site. We already know that and it has been stated clearly in posts. To be told the same thing that we just said is a bit condescending as if we didn’t already state that in our post.

    It is reinforcing WP bad habits. What happens when those options are gone?



    @knashermac2009 I must be doing something wrong. I’ve downloaded that add on and substituted the appropriate url (first link) and my unique WP code (in the second link)

    I don’t need to have one of these for every post, do I? When you said blog, I might have misunderstood as some people do have more than one blog at WP – if you meant blog post – that is different. Let me know!

    thank you so much for your help. If I can get this to work properly, you have answered what I and others have been trying to resolve here.




    I don’t need to have one of these for every post, do I?

    You need to do that workaround for each blog, i.e. site, on If you add the links for one specific site it should work for all posts and pages on that site. But if you have another site it won’t work as the dashboard URL is blog-specific.



    @kokkieh – thanks…. I must not be doing this correctly then or I need to be on a different version of firefox – I am on 36.0.1 with the classic editor add on – could that be causing the issue?

    This is what I have in the “edit” section*&action=edit

    this is what I have in the replace section||

    do I remove the || or leave them?

    when I right click or hover over the edit in the post, it just shows me the new edit url – no other options.



    You don’t need the # in the replace section. The || denotes the end of the replace bit, and is required.

    Hovering over the edit button will not show you the new URL. You need to point at the link, right-click and then look for “open selection”. This is the add-on doing its thing.

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