Please Reinstate the Option of Choice to Use the Old Publishing Format

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    I’ve deleted several more posts that violate our Code of Conduct (as well as some posts leading up to the violations that were on the edge) and am closing this thread to prevent future violations.

    If you have had a post deleted in this thread, please take that as a warning to focus your posts in future threads on support questions or product feedback. Commentary on the behavior of other users tends to result in personal attacks; when that happens, both parties risk having their forum privileges suspended.

    If you see violations of the Code of Conduct in the forums, please use the modlook tag to request staff intervention instead of policing the situation yourselves.



    We’ve been asked for clarification on what’s been fixed, what we are working on, and which features from WP-admin are not being included in the new editor.

    Here is that update

    Recent updates

    • When you create or edit a page in the new editor you can now set or change the page template that is applied.
    • It’s now possible to use a year, or any other number as a category or tag in the new editor.
    • Your 100 most used tags and categories are loaded, then the first 20 are displayed alphabetically. Starting to type a category/tag name pulls up all the matching options.

    Known Issues
    We are actively working on fixing the following issues.

    • Editing a post or page sometimes results in lost line breaks
    • The white edit box is rendering below the sidebar for some users
    • Authors can’t add tags to post using the new editor

    If you would like to report a specific bug or request a specific feature be added to the new editor please start a new thread with the “modlook and “new editor feedback” tags.

    We will reply directly to all bug reports and use the feature requests to inform the continued iteration of the new dashboard.

    Features that won’t be included in the new editor

    • Post Revisions
    • Copy a Post
    • Link back to wp-admin

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to update you on one huge fix that was recently pushed out. The white post box should no longer render underneath the sidebar like this:

    Thanks for your patience while we got this fixed. We’re still working on fixing the lost line breaks!

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