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Please Reinstate the Option of Choice to Use the Old Publishing Format

  1. I have been using the old posting format without problems.

    Today, that option has been removed.


    The "new format" is problematic and cumbersome.

    The older publishing platform did not have issues that caused security features in my browser to alert me every few minutes to intrusive programs running in the background.

    With the old format I don't have to recreate categories and tags with each new post.

    I have hundreds that I need and use every day but the established categories do not show up. Yes, I see that drop down menu, but it only offers 6 choices. What happened to the category list already created?

    It is important that I be able to set the time for each post. It is my system for ordering my work and has nothing to do with "scheduling".

    There are numerous other issues that can only be resolved by allowing the choice of working with old editing-posting format.

    Without that option, I will be forced to leave WordPress.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. UPDATE:

    It seems that the editor is only malfunctioning on some of my websites, not all.

    On, everything is working smoothly. The speed is much faster compared to the sister sites, I can see all the established categories in the drop down and set the publication time.

    My guess is that you are still working on the changeover and things will normalize soon?

  3. grandpachucksblog

    The new format sucks.....Options are left out...for example, I'm unable to tag new pages to a home page....I'm sure there are people who like the new format....but there are a lot, I'm sure, who, like myself, do not....I hate it....give us the option to use the Classic mode...

  4. Today, that option has been removed.


    Nope, you can always find the classic editor.

    See here:

  5. jamahiriyanewsagency


    The classic option was available yesterday but not today so this is a recent change. WP had promised to keep the option open. For some reason it's been closed, at least on my website.

  6. The classic option was available yesterday but not today so this is a recent change. WP had promised to keep the option open. For some reason it's been closed, at least on my website.

    I understand you and I know about this.

    But the classic option is still available for you.
    From here:

  7. When I select edit on my post, it automatically goes to that new bee-bo-boop format and I have no way to switch to the classic editor at that time. There should be a button on that page to switch the view, like it used to. Now, I have to go to my classic site, find all of my posts and then edit from there, instead of using the quick edit link that is on the posts. You've just made it so much harder to use wordpress.

    Please do not default to that crappy new editor. I want the original editor to be my default

    thank you

  8. again, @galois, you aren't understanding - I have no default button on that crappy new editor to flip me back to the classic one. I don't care that I can jump thru hoops to get to the classic editor - I didn't have to do that before. I do not want the bee-boop editor as my default. I already know that I can go thru several clicks to get to the old editor. What I want is my user experience that I had recently - which I didn't have to do all of these things to just edit a page.

    unless you have a solution to that, I will wait for someone in tech support to respond.

  9. As long as the new editor continues to delete posts the way it does, it's my opinion that it should be taken offline completely until fixed. It's irresponsible.


    I totally agree.

    For the third time this evening I have made extensive changes to a post or page, only for the save or post/publish act to only part fill the 'new' green progress bar at the top and then simply stop, rendering my new work lost in limbo, neither saved, published, nor retrievable without a page refresh (which results in a blank editor).

    I am furious.

    I now need to re-work the entire piece again. I am now forced to copy and paste my work into WordPress if it cannot be relied upon to save it successfully.

    I have noticed a significant amount of change over recent months, none of which seems to add any quantifiable value, and indeed seems to lessen user experience.

    I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the barrage of change for no apparent reason.

    The list of things that now aggravate me is extensive, so I shall not list it here.

    It was all awesome as it was about a year ago. Now we have nice new jazzy editors and menus and I like none of it.

    Stop changing things!

    If it ain't broke don't fix it.
    Change for change sake is the worst kind of change.

  11. @cbiancardi: I am a volunteer and was trying to help you find the way to the classic editor.
    Do not discharge your anger to me.

  12. I will wait for someone in tech support to respond.

    Keep dreaming, @cbiancardi

  13. I can't find a better place to post this so here goes - like some others I'm struggling with the new editor, got very used to the old but I do understand things change and I need to change with them. What I want to do is to change dates on my posts. I run a lost and found site for animals in Darwin (Australia) and I want to repost those animals which have been lost for a long time. Under the reschedule it appears I can only reschedule for a time in the future and not for the immediate. I used to be able to do this with the classic editor. I really don't want to recreate the whole post which is the only way I can see of doing it. Do I need to download new software?
    Really hoping somebody can help. I'm sure I'll have further questions as time goes on. many thanks telaf

  14. Please please please please let us get back to the old editor dearest WordPress. I am lost on this new one. The old one was so easy and now I can't get it back..... :-(

  15. I'm reading that there are a series of clicks I can make to get back to classic editor now that the button is gone. Can anyone tell me what those clicks are? I will happily click away to get back there...
    Thank you!

  16. Please re-instate the option to switch......

    .... And stop fiddling with things.

  17. If you go to the old style Dashboard and select add New Post then you get the old style editor (with the option to beep boop bump).

    If you go to the old style Dashboard and select the list of Posts, then you can edit your post using the old style editor.

    I have a horrible feeling about this. I hope I'm wrong.....

  18. @galois - my anger is not "being" discharged towards you. If you had bothered to read my post, you would have seen that I already know how to "get" back to the classic editor.

    You didn't bother to read my posts. Volunteer or no, if one doesn't bother to read what the issue is, then there isn't much help there if the problem isn't being handled. You are just repeating the same thing over and over again, and not responding to the question. If you don't have the answer, then please don't respond to it with a canned response. You are wasting your volunteer time

  19. I am fairly pi**ed off about this too, but lets direct our energies towards getting the option back. (Lets hope it doesnt take as long as last time).

    In the meantime, I spent 20 minutes looking for an add-on that would help. I think someone told us about something like this last time. Not sure.

    Anyway, if installed the firefox add-on

    URL link
    that allows you to transform the link to the new editor, to the one for the old editor.

    This means that you can right-click on any Edit post button and go directly to the old editor.

    I know its not a solution, but it is a work-around. (You would need one for each of your blogs). I will give more details if anyone is interested.

  20. @knashermac2009 I would love details on that! Would that work for the free version of wordpress? thank you so much!

  21. @cbiancardi Yes it will work!

    1. Download and enable the firefox add-on URL Link 2.04.03

    2. From the list of add-ons, find URL Link and click on Options

    3. Click on th e"Edit Menu" tab and add a new entry

    Edit Post|https://yourWebSiteURL/wp-admin/post.php?post=*&action=edit

    (Edit Post is what you will later. The stuff after the | is the link to the classic editor. The * will be the post_id)

    4. Click on the "Edit Search and Replace String" tab and add a new entry||

    The bit before the || is the link to the new editor without the post id. Link URL is going to remove this (leaving the post_id). You can obtain yourWebSiteCode (a 7 digit number) by hovering over a link to the new editor (as in New Post or Edit Post).

    5. Click OK. I removed all the other entries in both menus to remove clutter.

    6. Now, when you go into your blog, right-click on any edit button and hover over "Open Selection". You'll see "Unaltered" plus all the items from the Edit Menu in URL Link (including Edit Post). Select the latter.

  22. Please Reinstate the Option of Choice to Use the Old Publishing Format -- strongly echoed

  23. We all appreciate what volunteers do, but I sometimes think that this system is reinforcing WP's already bad habits. The volunteers get a lot of the anger which WP should be feeling itself.

  24. I would like to speak for a subgroup of bloggers on WordPress.

    I blog anonymously and in private browsing windows. When I close my browser, the cache is deleted. Since the new editor apparently stores drafts in a computer's cache, the new editor is absolutely not an option for me.

    Now imagine all those college students who have to use campus computer labs... you know, those students who don't have their own computer or smart phone. (Yes, plenty of those still exist in spite of the proliferation of such technology among youth.)

    If the new editor had been the only visible option when I started blogging, I would not have stayed on WordPress for more than a day. It wouldn't have been feasible. (Having been here for a while, I know there are workarounds. A newbie wouldn't realize that.)

  25. @bumblepuppies ... so with the new editor, if the cache is emptied you lose all your drafts?? I have dozens of drafts. They are my "lab" for future posts. Am I going to lose them once the classic editor is shut down?? This is the worst thing I have heard yet. Anyone??

  26. @davidderrick-Who said anything about the Classic Editor being shut down?

  27. @davidderrick

    That is my understanding. The workaround would be to publish your drafts, but schedule them for a time that's 100 years into the future.

  28. It would be foolish to assume the classic editor is staying, no?

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