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Please remove this warning for my blog, Thank you!

  1. Please remove this warning for my blog,
    Thank you!

    Warning: We noticed you have un-spammed many spam comments. The spam comments you have approved may include links to dangerous, fraudulent or obscene web sites. Approving them may harm your readers and damage your position in search engine rankings.

    Please take the time to read 5 things every blogger should know about spam, and then use the Spam button to correct any mistakes you may have made in approving comments for publication on your blog. In particular, please pay attention to the links in comments when deciding if something is or is not spam. Once you have done this (or if you think we've made a mistake) you can contact support to have this notice removed.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you complied with their request?

    I'll tag this for staff attention, but there should have been a link in that warning where you can contact support directly. If there was, you should use that link. It may take a day or two for staff to respond, but they will as soon as they can.

  3. last year I didn't, but this year & till now I have been doing

  4. You may have to go back through all comments and "spam" the illegitimate comments before staff will remove the warning.

    If there is a link in the warning, use that to contact staff directly.

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