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Please restore my ability to Comment/Reply inside my blog

  1. Please explain! Since yesterday I cannot comment on other blogs, and I cannot even reply to comments in my own. My email details are asked for - why? - and when supplied, the comment still doesn't go through.
    There is a login wp ikon, but it seems not to recognise me. What is going on?? What am I supposed to do? I posted about this yesterday also. Thank you for your attention.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Jane!

    I just logged in as you, and I was able to comment on your blog (I thought you wouldn't want me commenting all over place on your behalf:

    Are you still having this problem? Could you try completely logging out of, then signing back into your dashboard, then trying to comment somewhere?


  3. Thank you ever so much, Zandyring, the problem cleared itself yesterday. I think it happened because when I did my last cookie clearout early this week, I set the button to prevent 3rd party, not quite knowing what this meant - but it caused the problems with comments and with logging in I think. I undid it, and since then everything has been fine. I looked at the link you gave me about the cache, and I see how that works also. Learning curve!

  4. Oh Jane, we are all on a learning curve! :)

    So glad that helped!

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