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Please.. Review my Blog..

  1. Hello all, im newbie in here.. please review my blog at
    Thanx all..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I will flag this thread do our Moderators move it to the blog promotion forum for you. That forum is:
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  3. thank u..

  4. You're welcome. :)

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  6. I would highly suggest picking a more attractive theme that will allow you to use some type of header promoting your skin care thoughts and ideas. It is hard to comment on much else, there is a huge lack of content at the moment.
    As you keep going, and adding content, just make sure you are very consistent. If you are trying to give others advice on skin care, make sure you cite sources. Who wants to listen to someone who is uninformed? Also, links would be great and maybe using Twitter as a resource.
    To make your blog reader friendly, try some polls on your readers favorite skin products!
    I hope all of this helps, and good luck!

  7. Great idea for a blog. I agree about the header and the sources and - what about some lovely pictures to go with each post? Obviously I'm a victim of ad campaign but especially with beauty products, I kind of expect (beautiful) visuals. Good luck and have fun with your blog!

  8. @binar161206
    When I click your username and arrive on your blog here and the titles of your posts I get this:
    Error 404 - Not Found

    I also note that the color of the titles is red and nor black as they ought to be on this Kubrick theme. I believe your blog may need Staff intervention however Staff are unavailable from 5pm EST on April 30th to 12pm EST on May 3rd.

    I ran the excerpts of your acne posts through a checker and they do not appear to be original. They appear to have been published elsewhere prior to you publishing them.

    When visit your other blog and run the post contents through checkers I find the contents in that blog do not appear to be original. They appear to have been published elsewhere prior to you publishing them.

  9. thank you all. I'll try to fix the header and the blog to the existing content in this blog. I'm very sorry if any of your content which I enter without permission from anda.aku want to always learn to make the blog better. thank you for your comments and suggestions from you guys.

  10. @timethief, sarahbaram

    im sorry for my link. now my link is up to date. check it out.

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