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Please show examples of Gallery, Aside, and Picture formats

  1. I am trying to learn more about blogging. I now know that there are four different kinds of posts: The regular post, the Gallery post, the Aside, and the Picture.

    But it would be very helpful to show examples of Gallery posts, Asides, and Pictures.

    I clicked to New Post and clicked the post format that I wanted to experiment with (Aside), but the template looks the same.

    Where can I get a VISUAL of what these four formats look like? Well, ok, three formats, since I already know what a standard post looks like.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Best to look at the theme's demo site. Click on the "See it in action" button on this page

  3. What is the STATUS format? What does it look like?

    I was checking out which themes have which kinds of formats and some have STATUS. What is STATUS? I did a search for it, but it only led me to the page where I saw the word in the first place -- with no definition and no example of what it looks like.


  4. @JustJennifer --
    Thanks! I went through all of the formsts and now am wondering what the difference is between a regular post in which I place a picture at the top, and a Picture Post? They look the same to me.

    I also now realize that the CHATEAU theme does not have a STATUS post format. I'll just go look it up in another theme that does support the Status Post.

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, Jennifer


  5. Styling of the Status post format depends on the Theme. Some are styled with the Gravatar of the person next to it, some are not.

    Have a look here. Click on the theme link to check them out.

  6. You're welcome, L.

  7. Whoa. I now went through all the example pages in the Chateau theme and there was no example of an ASIDE post.

    And that just sounds intriguing to me, an Aside Post. I like it without even seeing it.

    Jennifer, thank you for the answer on Status Posts. I will go to the link that you gave.


  8. OH... ok, Jennifer, that link ( ) is the link where I started out. That is where I got the bug to investigate what all the different post formats look like. :-) :-) :-)


  9. Got it.

    Probably the most comprehensive explanations I've seen so far have been on the Twenty Eleven theme Post Formats. Again, take it with a grain of salt because styling is theme dependent even if the explanation is similar across the board.

  10. CHATEAU THEME / Aside post

    I just now went to New Post > Aside format

    Then I wrote a couple of sentences. Then, since it was just an experiment, I clicked Preview. Nothing happened. Clicking that Preview button does not show anything.

    Thus I am still now really seeing what an Aside Post looks like.


  11. Correction of above: I am still NOT seeing what an Aside Post looks like.

    Strongly needing some fortified bird seed...........

  12. When you select a post format and hit preview, you'll see no differences, because the differences concern the main posts page only, not the single post view.

    See here:

    "We Really Like This Cherry Tree" is a sticky post (says "Featured" instead of date).
    "Hello world!" is a standard post.
    Next one is an aside (no title).
    "Image post" and "Gallery post" are what they say (image post highlights the image by moving the post metadata out of the way, gallery post shows one thumbnail and mentions how many images there are in the gallery).

    See here too, for more extravagant examples:

  13. Dear Panos: This reply is Golden. Thank you'; now I get it. And now I also have a suggestion for those theme pages:

    Label each picture. This is an aside post. Notice that it has no title.

    This is a standard post that you've probably been doing all along.

    This is a Gallery post. See the thumbnail?

    This is a Photo post. Note no tags or date on the side to distract the eye.

    Because, Panos, until you said what you said up there, none of that was clear. Maybe clear to those who know more than I do, but not clear to me.

    So thank you! I also keep seeing your WordPress Tips coming up in people's explanations so I think I have to make a special Bookmark. When I switched from Firefox to Safari all my bookmarks got jumbled.



  14. You're welcome.

    Some of the demo themes are like you're suggesting:

    Apparently the demos aren't all created by the same person or with the same care. (And the Support doc on post formats doesn't even list all the available formats - let alone explain what they are).

  15. Panos, yes, that's right -- some themes get explained in effective detail. When themes are explained, I think that because blogging is always going to be a Beginner Heavy adventure (always new people), explanations have to be written with the knowledge that many if not most of the readers will be beginners or beginner intermediates.

    A picture should always accompany a written explanation. Examples should be given. Details. Things to be aware of. Beware. Don't do this. Do this first because. etc etc

    I could go on all night but right now I have to go downstairs to make dinner, so bye bye, Panos, and thank you for this extra note with info.


  16. One more thought: When new themes come out there are always comments by the true techies who know everything about blogging formats etc. They make comments like AWESOME or AMAZING, leading me to know that the creator of the new theme has done something extra special in a really slick way. I know that SOMETHING is there that the advanced wunderkinds really appreciate....... but I never know exactly what it is about that thing that the advanced techies are talking about or what difficulty the creator has hurdled.

    And so, there is yet another example of the beginner not knowing what's going on.
    :-) :-) :-) :-)


  17. Sorry, I've got more bad news for you: in the WP blog you generally see comments of the "AWESOME" or "AMAZING" variety only, not because they're all written by "the true techies" and the "advanced wunderkinds" but because comments are moderated: negative comments by some true techies usually don't see the light of the day.

  18. Drat! :-)


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