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Please sign this if you've recieved Wordads Earnings for May

  1. samedifference1

    I have been told by Jon at WordPress that there are batches of Wordads earnings coming out today. So please sign this if and when you recieve yours.

    This will be my first set of earnings so I would like to know how it works. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please simply contact Staff directly to inquire about your own earnings. See here please >

  3. samedifference1

    I am not asking people to reveal amounts they have earned. I just want to know whether reports have started coming in.

  4. You want to double-check on whether or not Staff are doing their job and you want to do that on a public forum!? I think that's strange. More to the point I think we need a sub-forum for WordAds that WordAds Staff monitor and answer the threads in.

  5. samedifference1

    I don't mean to suggest staff are not doing their job. As I said this is my first set of earnings so knowing others have got their reports would be really nice.

    I agree with you about a sub forum for Wordads.

  6. I think we need a sub-forum for WordAds

    Done a few days ago - only one Post so far

  7. Alleluia! Now we can flag all these WordAds threads and have them sent to that forum where Staff can deal with them.

  8. @samedifference1
    I didn't know there was a sub-forum for WordAds and I have now flagged this thread so it will be moved there.

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