PLEASE STOP FLOODING – WordPress is down

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    I find it a bit ironic that this happened when I post one of my bi-yearly problems. At least that is about as often as it seems to me. It’s like a power outage, we all want the power back on.



    Huh? For one, I wasn’t aware VOLUNTEERS were on the job, and two, I do feel something should be said. People are going to end up screwing their computers up because they’re thinking the errors are their fault. I’m still looking for an update to the situation and can’t find one. With this being my 4 th comment…does this mean I’m flooding?


    The staff of WP have not yet posted anything about this issue. However, when they do, I’m sure it’ll be fixed asap.

    Flooding is when you spam. Commenting in replies are not considered as flooding. Flooding is when you comment or post rapidly, and when you spam the same topics, so you are completely safe.



    Thanks @tennisfilmproduction

    @blindstab….I like ;)

    Good night all!


    It might be helpful for you to put somewhere exactly WHAT technical issues are known and being addressed. You know, for those of us who think our issue is distinct from the problem being that they are allegedly attempting to address.

    I say allegedly because we have to take you at your word that they are addressing a known issue. I’m willing to do that, but you gotta help me out by providing more information about what issues they are attempting to address.


    @swedishpancakes Sorry for not providing it. You’re right.
    The problem causes for WordPress users to not be able to post photos/media/polls, link websites, dashboard menu buttons, and none of the functions on the right hand side of the individual posts work (tags and few other buttons). {Taken from another form}
    These are the problems that I know so far.



    My problem…. My image loader is not responding and it’s telling me I’ve used 3.4 mb and have used all my space. I even went in and deleted images, which I really didn’t have to.



    Volunteers know as much as you do. Patience is a virtue, incessant whining isn’t going to help get the problems fixed any sooner nor will it make staff post an update any sooner.


    @texgal13 Thanks for the update.


    Well, I think Tennis just proved that he knows more than the common person. This turned from a curiously helpful into a very helpful thread in three seconds flat.

    I’d add to the list an inability to change the custom link of a post that you have created. It seems like a related problem to the slew of usability problems that appear to be a common thread.



    Thanks for responding ardpete. I’m a new hand and like others, imagined I’d somehow contributed to the failure, so, yes, patience I guess. Kia ora.


    All I did was gather all the information I could get.

    If anyone else is reading this form, please add more bugs/information that we missed so when the staff sees this, it will be easier to fix.


    I’m unable to move widgets around also.


    I should note that while the insert/edit link script doesn’t work, the html for manually adding links <i>does</i> still work. If you don’t know how to use html to add links through text formatting, you can follow the below template.
    this is the text that appears in your post


    lol, my mistake, code doesn’t do what I thought it would do. Here is a modified template (eliminate the space between the < and the a):

    < a title=”whatever you want” href=”website of your choice”>this is the text that appears in your post


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    To post code in these forums place it between backticks. A backtick on a u.s. keyboard is on the same key as the tilde ~~~~~ only lower case: next to the “1” and “!” key. top left.


    Thanks 1tess. Each forum seems to have a different mechanism for dealing with html.

    The proper code for posting links through the text editor (not the visual editor that is default for most users): <a title="whatever you want" href="your website">your text as it will appear</a>


    Thanks everyone. I thought I was going crazy. No editing custom links, drop downs aren’t working. And I still get an unresponsive script error when I go into CSS. Will wait patiently and go work on something else.


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    I think staff will be returning from their annual meet-up tomorrow, but there are at least 6 pages of modlooks for them to go through. (I am a volunteer so don’t know much more than anyone else on this peer-support forum)

    Also, I have not personally experienced any of the problems being described (and I was working on my blog until I went to bed a couple hours ago). The cat was crying to go outside and woke me.

    So I’m reluctant to put a sticky post up top: there have been many reports for many days of the same and similar problems so I don’t know it there is a sudden increase in the problems or no.

    If folks want to post in this thread, or other threads specific to a particular problem it would be very helpful for staff in diagnosing the issue to know such things as which browsers and versions you are using, the way you are connecting to the internet, where you are located, and other details…


    Oh well..I guess I get to go to bed early for a change instead of working on my blog!

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