Please stop lying to me through spam, and I hope you aren't using me to do so

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    I occasionally get an email saying that “XXX” of blog “XXX” ‘liked my post’ and I should go check out their blog.

    I turn all likes off and have received these emails 24 hours after such changes

    so how is this possible?

    they appear to be pretty blatantly false and offensive,

    My greater fear is that you are perhaps using my name/site to make such claim to other bloggers?

    Pleas don’t



    Wait, what?

    You think is running around putting spam likes on other peoples’ blogs using your name? They are not.


    no, they send them to me via email
    I don’t show the like/share buttons on any posts, yet I’ve gotten three of these

    to an email address only they have- they all follow this format

    “*RANDOMBLOGGER* liked your post on *NAME OF MY BLOG*


    You should go see what they’re up to. Maybe you’ll like their blog as much as they liked yours!

    Great posts worth seeing from *BLOGGER*:

    How I’ve managed to bring you to my blog


    the fact is, people can’t “LIKE” my posts… the options get turned off.

    so where/why is this coming from them…


    I do most my posts on the IOS app.
    I do have to later go back and untick the like & share buttons because I cannot do it from my phone

    most recent, I had the likes off about 4 hours later than the post– but the email came about 24 hours after the edit where I removed the like….



    Well of course. The spam likers are subscribed to the blogs and they Like it immediately once it goes up. You don’t get the email at the time but later because that’s how the emails get sent out.



    You say that people can’t like your posts because you have ‘likes’ turned off. Well actually that option just stops the likes from showing on your blog. People CAN still like your posts from the Reader. And that is why you get genuine emails, and not fake ones as you suggest.


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    The emails may be genuine, but the likes may be just as genuine as the tooth fairy. You can’t stop them though.



    I think you could use the Report as Spam button to report spam likes, though. I use it to report forum spammers.



    @silvioprezzolini – How do you define spam likes? People whose Gravatar profile leads you to spam websites, people who are “serial likers” on your posts?

    FYI-Any logged in user can “like” any post that appears on from the Admin bar, whether the site owner has enabled “Likes” or not.

    If you have set up your email notifications to receive notices of new “Likes” then simply turn them off.

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