Please, Stop Using Error 451 For The Greater Good!

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    Stop showing 451, instead show the content, this way the domain name will get listed in the official registry of blocked sites and automated censorship circumvention tools like [2] will pick it up for the benefit of its many users.


    Hi, we have censorship in Russia.

    E.g. [1] is censored and wordpress shows “ERROR 451: Unavailable for Legal Reasons”.


    To circumvent censorship some people don’t want to spend money and use PAC-scripts with free proxy servers [2], with own-deployed proxy servers, with Tor as proxy or just Tor browser.


    [2] is a somewhat popular solution in Russia and it proxies only sites that are in the registry of blocked sites. It doesn’t work for [1] because [1] is not in the registry. It’s not in the registry because you show error 451 for it so why to block it on the country level if the request of blocking it was already satisfied by you. I kindly ask you to stop using 451 for the benefit of automated censorship circumvention tools like [2].

    Do you have any reasons to show 451 instead of content?

    P.S. If [1] is not in the official registries ([3], [4], etc.) why do you show 451 for it?





    The number of users of [2] is currently estimated as 250000.



    Hi there,

    We cannot assist with blocked sites in the public support forums. Please use the form at if you have questions about why your site is showing that error.

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